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Share Your Worst Riding Accidents/ Most Embarrassing Moments

with horses

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 01:57 PM

I am sure we have all had them at one point and if not yet, they are sure to be lurking around the corner. I will start with mine, I have an embarrassing number of years with horses and have had all kinds of bumps, scrapes, bruises, near misses that are far too numerous to recall especially when working with OPH's but there a few incidents that definitely stand out.

The first was on my very well trained mare. She had recently weaned her foal and when the trainer that worked out of my neighboring Aunts place came over wanting to ride in my grandparents big field. She asked if I wanted to come ride with her to which I agreed. The ride started out just fine on about 80 acres of open field. She was riding a stallion and I on my mare. On our way back in she asked if I wanted to race back and implied not so nicely that my mare was slow. So were off, dead run, horses flattened, hellbentforleather,we're nearing the fence line. I decide I need to pull up, my mare won't stop, no brakes!!! I try a one rein, she now has more bridle than bit in her mouth we're getting closer, as a last ditch effort I decide she has to stop at the field gates since they are about 6+ feet on the pasture side and shes never jumped anything....she goes over, stumbles head between her legs and flips, I come off face first into the gravel driveway, my nose is torn, I am bleeding, gravel embedded in both of my hands, my mare got up and headed straight for the barn to check on her "baby"....and coming from a horse family, my grandparents, both my aunts and I think a neighbor ran screaming..... right on by me to go check on the horse :/ she had a small nick on her knee. I hobbled up to the barn to check her and the yelling started about what was I thinking trying to jump her yadda yadda, I explain....at least my gramps on the way back to the house asked me " Well, did you win?"
I will be back later with another. Please share yours.
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Posted 24 January 2012 - 02:09 PM

my most embarassing happened recently... I had agreed to ride a Friesian bareback, in boy shorts, at night, with fog machines for a photoshoot. I think all I really heard with Friesian and I said "yes"- I LOVE that breed, would love to have one of my own one day.

Anyways, this Friesian was dead broke, owned by a young girl, knew how to boy/spanish walk, etc. and was very safe. Unfortunately, his young girl owner decided to help groom him- very kind, but she used an ENTIRE bottle of Pepi on him. He was as slick as a rat.

So I go up to a mounting block to get on this horse, and he is acting a little nervous. He sides steps so that he is over the mounting block just as I am swinging my pant-less self over his back. He realized the block was directly underneath him and up we went- he crow hopped a couple of times, gave a good buck (that would have never unseated me otherwise) and started to canter away and I was totally unable to hang on, I just slipped off the side in to a group of photographers.

Needless to say it was totally embarrassing. Laying pant less, on the ground, in front of more than a dozen photographers was not my best moment- especially in front of the young girl who owned him, her trainer (who though it was ridiculous I fell off of the super broke horses), and a peanut gallery at the barn.

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 02:25 PM

Many many years ago I had a guy friend that wanted to go riding and pestered me forever. We set up a day to go out, except it had started to rain. He was still game and found a couple rain coats. Ride went well and had a good time...until we got back. I went to dismount and as I always do, kicked my feet out of the stirrups and jumped down, but my feet never hit the ground. BIG problem...my coat was hooked over the horn. I was left dangling feeling like an idiot, unable to do anything. The guy I was riding with was laughingso hard he actually couldn't help. Seemed like forever before he regained some control to help me down. Ladies...I don't recommend trying this to impress a guy :)

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 03:02 PM

omg! lol! coming back for more tonight

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 03:55 PM

I have totally hooked myself on a saddle horn! I mainly ride english so I always forget about the horn.

I think the worst accident I ever had was at a hunter show. I knew the second I entered the ring that it was going to end badly. I was one a welsh/arab gelding who I loved but he didn't have the best show record. We took the first four fences just fine, he never even looked at them. Then came the fifth fence. We cantered towards it and I felt him look at it but he kept going. Needless to say I took the fence by myself, got drug thru it, and held on around the arena until my mum and trainer managed to get in and catch Vinnie. I dislocated both thumbs and badly sprained my wrist. Why didn't I let go of him you ask? It was an outdoor grass arena, fenced off with a rope, that was surrounded by about 1000 acres. Vinnie was impossible to catch if he ditched you and got loose. I was not going to hike out and find him :-p

Most embarrassing? Its a tie...I'll let you decide. I was showing off for my first crush and riding my pony without a bridle or saddle. I'd taught her to go under the top wire of electric fencing, so I could get her out of the pasture without the rest of the horses getting out. At that point we had a three strand electric fence gate. Needless to say I was on her and she went under it. I was left hanging on the electric fence. I had burns that went across my chest and under my arms.

My first big dressage show I rode in my brand new white breeches. I was used to riding hunter, tan breeches hide so much. I pulled off my sweatsuit and mounted. Wearing bright pink/neon green/electric blue stripped panties. Everyone saw them as I posted to the most beautiful extended trot I've ever ridden. It had to be the one day jackets were excused because of the heat. Worst part, my legs had swelled up in my leather boots and I couldn't get them off to change them so I had to ride my next three classes showing them off to everyone. I was 14

#6 Comstock Lode

Comstock Lode

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 06:51 PM

I was at a show , we were leaving the ring from a CEP class I was riding Ernie+ who had shown a million times . I was riding the buckle out ( stupid I know but he was a seasoned show horse who'd shown a million times ) and leaned over to get my ribbon . The gal who was handing it to me was someone I knew and she kind of swung it towards me as I leaned over to the left . Ernie saw it come at his face spun to the right at high speed , I landed on my tail bone , split my pants from crotch to waist band but held on to the reins . Ernie jerked me to my knees and decided to run for it , I held on to the reins . Ernie started dragging me on my knees around to the in gate I kept hanging on to the reins . My grandmother had so trained me to never let go that I didn't , people were yelling from the gate " let go of the reins ! " . I finally let go and couldn't stand up ( broke my tailbone ) I had to crawl out with my a*ss hanging out . Ernie was the master of the spin and got the better of me a couple times .

#7 D Taylor

D Taylor

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Posted 25 January 2012 - 12:38 PM

Worst accident- my endurance mare (who was a cat) tripped. Knuckled under in the front but gratefully the sports medicine boots stopped her front legs from getting skinned up. Then she fell over herself and to the side....hum I broke her fall with my knee. Took 2 yrs to heal completely. We walked out of the park together and I drove home and sat in a chair. Could not walk for days. Mare fared much better as did I mention I broke her fall! Funniest acident - Dan (Morgan) was walking along and the skeeters attacked. He laid down to rolling only yeap I was in the saddle. I could not stop him from laying down tho trust me I tried. So I tried to make him get up with me....only he would not. Sooo I started to step off and suddenly he jumped up. Now I am in front of the saddle and hanging like a squirrel around his neck. Thinking the whole time I just broke the idiot that spring and this was maybe trail ride 10 or so... this was going to go bad. Only he just stood there and I tried to slide off. Only now I realize there is this western saddle horn spiking me in the backside. Turned to look for help and my son was riding with me is grinning ear to ear. I could just see his brain thinking "If I only had a camera!". That darn Dan works hard at goofing off. The story of Dam sliding backwards down a muddy bank into the OH River WITH my reining saddle on is for another day....

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Posted 25 January 2012 - 04:00 PM

I am loving all of the stories so far!!!

Embarrassing moment: The mare mentioned previously. She was a WP mare but she was starting to come out of frame, hang on the bit and rush. Despite all the advice I had been given including moving her up to a more harsh bit than the sliester I had always ridden in and all kind of exercises to bring her back my feeling was she was just bored with her job and tired of staring at dirt. So I made the executive decision (in secret) to change her frame and way of going. CEP had just been introduced and it sounded like a really great way to let her speed up, keep the contact she wanted and get her face out of the dirt. After all kinds of work I was ready to show her to the world!!! (my grandmother) So I show Grams who reaction is..... cautious/not real impressed. I tell her all about CEP and that she doesn't have to have as much knee as our EP horses do. She agrees to let me show her at a zone show to see how she does. She enlists my sister to take me since I can't drive yet and I'm pretty sure she thought it was going to be an embarrassing exercise
We arrive at the show, I have a bad ju ju feeling the first class, the rear door of the arena is open with bright sunshine pouring in making the entrance to the arena pitch black and she doesn't want to enter, my sister has to lead me in since the mare cannot really see. Class goes well and I win!!! 3 more classes and I win them too!!! Woo hoo cloud 9!!
Now I had a really nice Barnsby cutback that I always wanted to look brand new so I saddleac'd the thing. I had no problems sticking to it jeans but my jods not so good. Anyway I hear over the loud speaker we won high point (I didnt even know we were entered since my sister had snuck up to the office and entered us after my first class), I have dropped my irons and thrown my reins away. I lean over to give my mare a big hug and a pat for a job well done. She shook, one of those full body shakes from head to tail. I slide right over her neck onto the pavement, splat!! your high point winner :/ No injuries other than pride. I take my mare to the trailer, un-tack, change, groom, load and hop in the truck. My sister looks at me with this big smile and on her face and asks me if I had thanked the judge....well no. So I hop out and go track down the judge to thank him. I'm kind of getting odd looks at the show office where I inquire where to find him but just figure they have seen my awesome dismount. :rolleyes: I find the judge, thank him and head back to the truck. I get in and my sister bursts out laughing, going OMG your face......I am clueless. Being more horsie girl than girlie girl I have not checked a mirror since before my last class. I pull down the visor and my face is completely streaked in dirt!!!! I looked like I had been eating mud pies and she let me walk around the show grounds like that.....
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Posted 25 January 2012 - 08:48 PM

I think my most embarrassing moment was the very first time I decided to ride Cloney. My old guy, Lucky, had a bad habit of moving out from under you as you mounted and I had developed the habit of putting my foot in the stirrup and really pushing when I mounted, so that I'd land in the saddle when Lucky sidestepped. So, I go to mount Cloney and PUSHED out of habit, but he stayed steady as a rock. I got my shirt cuaght on the saddle horn and it flipped me right upside down and left me hanging from a concho until someone could come 'assist' me with my shirt. Of course, the WHOLE friggin' neighborhood was there that day to see me get on my BABY for the very first time.....Mainly I think, hoping to see me get bucked off, but he was FAR too genteel to pull something like that, though I swear I heard him snicker as I hung there....upside down......waving feet in the air...

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Posted 26 January 2012 - 07:59 AM

Haha! Some of these are so funny! I don't think I've really had an "embarrassing" riding moment... I've had stupid little things but nothing funny enough to share lol. There are still plenty of years ahead of me for that.

My worst riding accident was a couple years ago. We were out on Antelope Island going to a trail ride. It was me, my friend Amanda and two of our guy friends who love horses but don't go riding that much. Anyway, we reached a flat part so we starting racing. Once we hit top speeds my saddle broke and launched me underneath my mare. It was a new saddle that I had ridden in a couple times. After this accident I was terrified of the saddle and never rode in it again haha!
I got kicked along under her for about 20 - 30 feet. My sweet mare stopped as soon as I was out from under her and just stood over me the whole rest of the time. Needless to say I was in complete shock at this point, I just remember being really disoriented and I couldn't hear anything for a couple minutes. My friend bailed off of her horse and came running over to me. She started pulling my hair up and gasped. I freaked out and grabbed my ears; not even 10 minutes before we were talking about our friend's dad who got his ear stomped off my a cow once when he was steer wrestling... Turns out my ear was still there but I had a lovely gash behind it that went all the way down to my skull. Luckily I couldn't feel it at all, I still can't feel there anymore, and for whatever reason it really wasn't bleeding that bad.
Well the fun part was we're on this island in the Great Salt Lake, none of us have cell phone service and it's still a 2 mile ride to the trucks. So I hopped back on, everyone made me ride in the front of the group and we rode back to the trucks. We drove immediately to the emergency room from there, luckily it was only like a 20 minute drive.
I have a cool scar there now and I think I terrified the guys we were with; I didn't cry or anything I just hopped back on my horse and finished the ride with my skull exposed lol.
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