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Explosion and Cats in Crates

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Posted 05 August 2019 - 05:29 PM

It’s Monday morning and I peek at the clock. 4 something AM. Pam is up and I can hear her footsteps heading to the front door. She has three distinct ways of getting out of bed. The “I have to go”, the “What have the cats done now”, and the “What are the horses doing now?”. Since she’s heading outside I’m guessing horses. Usually the horses are all standing there so innocently “What? We didn’t do nothing!” Or “Trooper did it!” This time her walking steps on the return were a hurried stomping. Even before hearing “MICHAEL, YOU NEED TO GET UP RIGHT NOW.” I knew something was up. One last sleepy try “Why? What’s going on?” “I heard an explosion and it woke me up! There’s an orange glow on the next street over.” Now an explosion wouldn’t bother me but the orange glow made me fully awake in an instant. Scurrying outside without even putting on my shoes, my worst fears were confirmed. There was an orange glow just under a plume of smoke just one street over. Pam seems happy with me but I’m not so sure I could handle life with me. “911. Get dressed, get the cat carriers, start the evacuation procedure NOW!” She didn’t blink an eye, just followed my commands.
911 confirmed the fire and units were already dispatched. Pam smoothly did her part, trapping cats in various parts of the house, and soon we had five howling crates. The fifth cat was the most fun as she just vanished. Pam wasn’t having much luck until she noticed the drawers under the sink opening by themselves. The cat had gotten behind them and was pushing them open to make more room for her to hide. LOL. Meanwhile, I was outside feeding a happy carefree crew earlier than usual, hooking up the horse trailer, and preparing the tack for a ride out with the rest of the crew hopefully following. During some of my outside time the sounds of ammunition going off in the fire could be heard. The neighbors were all calling each other on the phone and by six o’clock the news was spreading that all would be OK shortly. We drove over and found a barn burnt to the ground and still smoldering with our wonderful fire department keeping it contained to just the structure. No animals were in it but three cars and a boat were destroyed. So we went back home, released five unhappy cats, tossed a carrot to seven unconcerned horses, and we’re pleased that our evacuation plan enabled us to be out within twenty minutes or less if needed. Just the beginning of another normal Monday in the summer here.

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 01:08 AM


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Posted 10 August 2019 - 10:30 AM

I hate fire.  I have PTSD since ours any time it is windy- which is September through February now.  I live with the Fire Scanner on, sleep with my clothes on.

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