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In The Saddle - The New Toy

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Posted 23 April 2019 - 05:48 AM

Finally the corrals are dry enough so I can repair the snow damage. Saturday finds me working under the careful supervision of Mattie, some help from Trooper, a few visits from Shar, and some surprise inspections from Quazi. I rolled a 55 gallon barrel past him and he didn’t flinch. He even went so far as to walk beside me and give it an occasional nudge with his nose. I guess I was not going fast enough. LOL. Sunday morning I completed my repairs, so after lunch it was time to ride Quazi and see just what I brought home over two months ago. Haltering him in the pasture, yes I do remember how to use one, LOL l led him to the round pen with the whole herd following along behind. I closed the pasture gate behind me so they went back to their gardening work. Tying Quazi up I saddled him and lunged him on a line, something he’s quite good at. I turned him loose while I went into the house for something and upon my return a couple of minutes later, I found an excited, sweaty horse trotting around. I hand walked him around a bit to calm him down, then put a hackamore on him. He’s such a sensitive boy that I skipped over the heavier ones and went to a lighter version. I doubt he’s ever seen one but got the idea immediately. Mounting was no problem and he stood quietly while I settled in. It was a short ride as I just wanted to see what he would do, not stress him, and let him get the idea of being ridden. Full of energy and prance, he is surprisingly comfortable and very light in the bridle. This model comes with power steering, brakes, and even reverse. He obviously was well treated and his driving training was good. He has some separation anxiety away from the herd but this is not my “first rodeo” so to speak and I’m sure we can move beyond that. On his second ride he took to the whole no halter handling thing quite nicely, remember I’m a bit on the lazy side and do most things without a halter. The second ride was in a bitless bridle, he loved it, and it was another short ride. Direct reigning, getting to know each other, and working on a quiet walk. That might take awhile. The most important things he learned in the second lesson was not to lift his rear end to kick out, and that carrot bites can come from the saddle. That last thing he learned immediately. Mattie is jealous, and my regular mount, Trooper, just stares at me like “What? Did I do something wrong?” LOL


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He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable,
He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots.
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