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The Truce

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Posted 03 April 2019 - 12:05 PM


Last night I’m in the house when the sky just opened up and it started pouring rain. “Shoot, the horses”. Not my exact words but you get the idea. I quickly throw on my rain gear and look out the window. One horse, Trooper, is in his shelter, two, Mattie and Shar, are standing in the downpour with their heads down and noses about two inches from the ground, the other four are jammed into Quazi’s 12x12 shelter. Usually there’s some squabbling amongst them but this time they are coexisting in an uneasy truce. I quickly head out and call Mattie while pointing to his shelter. He trots to me and goes straight into his shelter. I call Shar and she comes and I put her in with Mattie. Meanwhile the truce appears to be breaking down. Rosie is now in the corral with her head hanging over the top rail of Quazi’s shelter so at least her head stays dry. Only the back half of Aspen is dry as she is halfway out of Quazi’s shelter as Sovayn decided that four horses is two too many. So I walk over, call Aspen and she follows me toward her corral. About halfway there she gets the idea and she breaks into a big, bold trot into her corral and under her shelter. Sovayn wasn’t too happy but I made him leave the shelter and he trotted straight home to his shelter. Rosie walked into Quazi’s shelter and all is peaceful except for the really heavy rain. I survey the herd and a few are shivering so back into to downpour I go for blankets for all. When it reduces to a normal soaking rain, Pam comes out of the house and we feed dinner. All were happy now and this morning everyone is fine, even me. LOL.

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