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Trooper Tickles

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Posted 02 November 2018 - 11:52 AM


Yesterday evening Aspen, Mattie, and Shar were in the yard which left the other 3 roaming in the corrals and pastures. As it started to grow dark, boy I’m really going to miss daylight savings time, I started to put some LED lights in Rosie’s, Trooper’s, and Shar’s shelters. Too lazy to get a ladder I stepped into Rosie’s shelter and climbed the pipe corral fence which separates her and Troopers shelter. From there I could reach the roof and attach the light. There were no horses around but as I settled in to work, Trooper came marching over to see what I was up to and try to help. Stretching out his neck he found he couldn’t quite reach the light so he turned his attention to my ribs. Reaching over my head with both arms, I was unable to protect myself. First I was sniff inspected, then he started to poke me gently with his nose on my right side. Receiving no reaction, he started pressing lightly on my ribs, then he started in with the upper lip wiggle. Now I’m extremely ticklish and, to his apparent delight, this brought an immediate reaction. It’s hard to issue a stern command while being tickled by a horse. I managed to get the light hung enough so I could gently push the nose away, but I pushed the nose down, and at that point he found a new target. Now he was thrilled as the scent of carrots came from my pocket as I pushed his nose by. The nose immediately returned and started an intensive effort to remove one. Realizing I was going be come out on the losing end of his effort, I quickly withdrew one, gave him a bite and tossed the rest on the ground. With his attention taken by the carrot he was devouring, I quickly secured the light. Jumping down I headed across his shelter to hang the other light. Now I felt like I was in a shark cage tossing chum to keep the shark at bay. Two carrots later I was finished with my work and I had a satisfied white shark following me around to see if I had more carrots. Doing chores with your horse is a lot more fun if you leave the gate open. LOL

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He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable,
He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots.
~Author Unknown