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Trooper IN the Feed Room

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Posted 15 June 2018 - 05:40 PM


Trooper Tales

Trooper IN the Feed Room

I step out the front door to prepare the evening feeder and Trooper is standing at the gate to the West Pasture. The rest of the herd is munching in the Cow Pasture so I wander over to the gate, give Trooper a pat and a neck scratch, and let him into the yard. It hadn’t occurred to me that he’s never been out alone at feeding time. He loves hanging with people and sticks to you like glue when he thinks something interesting or tasty is about to happen. If you’ve ever had a horse glued to you, and I mean with his neck pressed softly against you as you walk, then you get the idea.
The feed room is a 10 x 10 shed where we keep everything edible but the hay. On most evenings I let one horse into the yard area and they come to the door to beg for treats. This was Troopers first time. Opening one of the two shed doors I stepped into the shed and Trooper stepped right in behind me. Turning around I found I had been joined by 3/4ths of a horse. Just hid hindquarters were outside. The head was busy inspecting everything and not gently either. Buckets were being tossed around and I pushed him back outside. The other horses wait outside for a small pan of treats but not trooper. I opened the feed tub of Equine Senior and as I reached for a scoop the front feet stepped in once again and I had the front shoulders of a horse inside the shed once again. The head disappeared into the tub and reappeared with Senior dribbling from his lips. I shoved him out once more and as I scooped a small portion into the pan the head appeared again and using that long neck he reached with his lips and tried to pull the feed tub outside the shed. I removed him once more and presented him with his snack. At top speed I dished out the dinner portions and stepped out the door with the buckets. It was like swimming with a hungry shark. Using my body, I shielded the buckets, not an easy task when dealing with that clever neck. The door on the feed shed sticks so I don’t usually latch it and when Trooper decided he wasn’t going to win the bucket game he went straight to the door. I halted the feeding and returned to the shed just as Trooper was figuring out that maybe if he gave it a tug it might open. Pushing it closed and latching it I finished feeding. Opening the gate to the east pasture where the corrals are, I called him and he went straight home. Hmmm. Wonder what’s next?


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He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable,
He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots.
~Author Unknown

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Posted 16 June 2018 - 07:06 AM

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Thats my boy!


He never met a food he did not like.

Remember he started life living in my house so a shed is just like home to him.


Good boy Trooper.   Love you. 

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Posted 16 June 2018 - 10:43 AM

He won't be easily deterred now that he's found the Mother Lode! I have a red dun QH gelding of "Arabian-like" intelligence. He's figured out how to get into the barn several different ways. He's been in there three times so far this year, and now he's in exile in a paddock where he can't get to the barn doors. Fortunately, he doesn't eat to excess once inside. He just makes a huge MESS by ripping sacks open and dragging hay bales off their stack. Plus he removes all the trashcan lids where I store grain and alfalfa pellets and he steps on the lids so they are bent out of shape. And, of course, being a horse, he's not "house-trained"...However, he is a very clever and talented horse in both the branding pen and the show ring, plus he has great affection for his humans (and we for him), so his quirks are tolerated with rueful smiles.

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