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Posted 16 March 2017 - 12:04 PM

With Mayo's passing, me finally moving to the ranch, settling into a new job and the mountain of things to do around the ranch I haven't done much real horse work with the carrot crew. With the rig hooked up it's the perfect time to evaluate the herd and see what I'm in for. I know what Aspen's got in mind for me, Begonia is her usual perfect princess self, so that just leaves Shar and the three "new" arrivals.
Shar has a mind of her own with a lot of energy to go with it. What will she be like after this long layoff? I call her and motion to the back gate and here she comes with gusto. She races a quick circuit around the yard, comes up to me, and lifts a leg to beg for a carrot. I halter her, yes I do use one on occasion. LOL. I lead her to the trailer and wonder what she will do. She used to trot into the trailer as she loves going places, taking great delight in trail rides or embarrassing us at horse shows. I toss the rope over her back and in she goes, no problem at all. In fact she seems disappointed that this was all for nothing.

Raven led nicely and with a little distress on his part he eventually loaded. He acted like he was wondering what he did wrong for me to be taking him back to the rescue. Unloaded he seemed relieved and was overjoyed to be returned to the pasture.

The first horse I messed with though was Mattie of course. He turned out to be the star of the show. I turned Aspen, Rose, and Mattie loose while I prepared the trailer. Then I went toward the feed shed which of course made me very popular with them. I came out with a bucket of grain and a , GASP, halter. Rose and Aspen took one look and backed off but it didn't faze Mattie in the least. I walked over to the trailer while the three were scrounging for scraps. When I was ready I called "Mattie, come here boy!" Boy did he ever. The biggest trot I have seen on him. Even though he's about 14.1 hands tall he appeared to be 16 hands of pure joy heading my way quickly. He halted in front of me seemingly ready for anything. I walked up the ramp into the trailer and he followed me to the bottom. No amount of grain or carrots could get him to put a hoof on the ramp. He even scrunched up with all four feet together trying to reach in as far as he could. Finally I put a halter on him and he loaded right up as if "That's how it is supposed to be done." LOL. I unloaded him, carroted him then turned him loose but he wasn't through just yet.

I haltered Rose and started toward the trailer. She has led fine so far but it turns out she has been faking it. When she realized we were heading toward the trailer I had my hands full, running past me, circling around me, and just acting like the barely trained rescue that she is. We got to the trailer and there was no way she was going in. I had just decided not to push the issue when my chestnut helper appeared. We were attempting to go in the right side of a straight load trailer when Mattie appeared an her right side like a barrier keeping her from moving to the side of the trailer. Then after touching her shoulder with his nose he went around her and walked up to the left side of the ramp. We were fascinated with what was happening. He looked over at her then placed one foot on the ramp. Then the second foot landed, and with out further ado he walked halfway in! That's where he stopped and after looking back at her he quietly unloaded and returned to her right side gently pushing his nose against her barrel and neck almost like he was trying to encourage her. I've never seen anything like it but then again I've never tried to load a problem horse with other horses loose around. I wasn't really trying to load anybody just curious as to how they were and what I needed to work on. I guess Mattie's working on his horse loading masters degree. LOL


He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable,
He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots.
~Author Unknown

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 01:14 PM

That is a priceless gem you have there, and some damfool IDIOT just abandoned him? He keeps proving he's smarter than they were.

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Posted 17 March 2017 - 01:50 PM



Way to go Mattie.


You know I have no idea how much trailer experience he had before he came here.  He was owned by the Gaineys and had been sent off to a trainer to be halter trained for the Yearling Sweepstakes class.  T


He came here all the way from the northern most part of Washington and then was here all these years without ever seeing a trailer again until you came and got him.  I was so impressed with how easily he went in.


Yay Mattie the teacher.

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