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Shattered Shoulder -UPDATED JAN 27/15 - new pics :)

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 08:02 PM

He looks good.  Best of luck in your new digs!  Thanks for the update!  I hope there are many more rides in the future.

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 10:52 AM

So happy for you.  Dan looks great.  I hope your health improves soon.

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 11:19 AM

he is so beautiful!  Congrats on a great recovery and your new place, looks like a good place for all of you!  take care.  wow, this is just an amazing story,  still gives me chills to see his pictures.

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Posted 29 January 2015 - 07:00 AM

Well I figured I better stop in and give an update! Its been a while! How time flies! Things have changed a bit. I no longer work at the stable. I did work part time at another stable, but I am not there anymore either. My health has been giving me some serious grief and I have been unable to work for a the last little while. 

In October my sister and I moved to a nice little trailer on 160 acres. We share the property with the land owner who has two horses, and there is another rental trailer on the property as well. I was able to fix some fences up , and get a shelter up and move Dan and  his son Duncan to the home quarter where they are good buddies! They were in paddocks next to each other for two months and were always right beside each other, and grooming each other. They had SUCH FUN when they first got out to play together, and they still play all the time. Its great physio for Dan, keeps him moving around and working his muscles! 


I have only got to ride him once since I've moved here. Had a beauty of a day and we went for a trail ride. He still limps, but he doesn't give any indication of discomfort. He LOVES to go out on the trail, he's so happy, and bouncy and ears forward raring to go! I have to slow him down for the first while! The snow makes him work so when he starts to slow down I bring him back. 


He is getting excited for breeding season ! My sister got herself a Magic Domino Daughter who is half Trakahner who we will breed this spring! She is 16 and maiden, so hopefully they will click and we'll get a nice 3/4 arabian sport horse! 


This was in November 






And our ride 







And today in the pasture 











For sure that has  a happy outcome considering the severity of the injury. You are so lucky !  And  glad to see Dan has a friend to play with, which is  certainly is good for his mental well being.  

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Posted 29 January 2015 - 11:24 AM

Thanks... I get chills seeing him every day ! I love that boy so very much. 

He is a very social horse. Has spent most of his life in with a playmate or a lady friend! He's never been a pacer or stresser UNLESS he can't see any other horses. Im happy to have a stud muffin that can be in with others.... I think if he couldn't be and needed to be solitary I would consider gelding him for his own happiness, but he's such an easy stallion. 


This is a new addition to our small gang.... she belongs to my little sister Melissa (19) who lives with me. Rishanya aka Rice ! Rishanya is a 1998 registered Half-Arabian Mare, also registered with the American Warmblood Society and the Canadian Trakehner Society. She is sired by the Crabbet stallion Magic Domino+//. Rice suffered a hock fracture due to bad deep footing and a misalignment through her hind end which caused the tendons to fracture a piece off the front bone of her right hock. She needed six months of stall rest but her young owner couldn't afford her care, so she was given to my sister and I to rehab. Melissa was forced by my dad's wife to sell her horse when she was in grade 12, so she is very happy to have one to spend time with! She loves to groom and care for and dote on them more than she loves to ride, and her riding is just trail riding, or toddling around (she's got some physical disabilities and epilepsy) . So Rice has been great for her and vice versa. Rice is on full turnout and full of sass and seems to have come sound. We plan to put her and Dan together this spring and hope for a baby. She is older and maiden and apparently has some cysts, but we will see what nature wants to do! We would love to have a nice sport horse foal from her, but at the very least she's a very pretty lawn mower! 




I can't wait to have my small herd all back together in the summer. One is in Saskatchwan still with a friend (I have her Dan baby gelding, the one he's playing with in the photos....we traded so I could start Duncan under saddle) , and my pretty pinto is in foal to Dan on lease to a friend in alberta who also has Draco, my dan clone gelding. After Region 17 in July, they will ALL BE HOME! 


Come ###### or high water, I will not part with these horses. Through this CRAP that keeps getting piled on, they are what keeps me getting out of bed every day. I will live in a TEEPEE squatting in the bush eating bark if I have to. 

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Posted 29 January 2015 - 10:44 PM

I have 3 "Sexy Men" at my house too! And my husband (who is NOT a horse person) says I have 3 pretty sexy men out there as well. :)  My new boy we even call Fabio because he is THAT sexy! :) So glad to hear that Dan is ride-able again. I've followed yours and his story since before it happened. It is truly touching and inspiring that you both have saved each other. You were his angel for him during his tragedy and he is what helps you pull through yours. My mare is my angel for me...When I shattered my leg and they told me I wouldn't ride for years, it wasn't 3 months after my accident that I was sitting on her. My doctor said she was the reason I healed so quickly, my desire to ride her. This past November when I was coming back from picking up my new stallion that was in Massachusetts, I hit ice and rolled my horse trailer with my new stallion and this mare inside. When the trailer was done rolling, it finished on top of her. Her will to be with me, I truly believe, is what kept her alive. And miraculously she came out of it with only scratches. My horses are why I go on living each day. Congratulations to you and Dan. So happy for you two!

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Posted 03 February 2015 - 01:23 PM

Okay, this is so odd.  


I don't get online much at the moment.  I was in the shower the other day, the 27th, and thought "I need to ask Veracity V for an update!  Here I am and here it is.




Good to see it!


Okay. If no one else has stepped up maybe it is time to start the book!

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