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Information on Pedigree

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 03:45 AM

I'm looking for information on this pedigree. This is the dam side of my half arab. I know that Bint Halim is listed under Al Khamsa: Posted Image Al KhamsaTM Arabians
2011 Digital Roster v4.0
Copyright 2011 Al Khamsa, Inc
http://www.alkhamsa.org Index
Pedigree Search Bint Halim
1991 gm 467961 AHR
Breeder: Robert K. Schiebelhut

Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: Rodania (BLT)

Ancestral Elements
Egypt I, 88.3%
Blunt, 8.0%
Inshass, 3.3%
Egypt II, 0.4%

Mansour (RAS) 1921 gs (Gamil Manial (MNL) 1912 gs x Nafaa El Saghira (APK) 1910 gm)
Nazeer (RAS): 1934 gs
Bint Samiha (RAS) 1925 bm (Kazmeen (BLT) 1916 bs x Samiha (RAS) 1918 cm)
*Ansata Ibn Halima: 1958 gs
Sheikh El Arab (RAS) 1933 gs (Mansour (RAS) 1921 gs x Bint Sabah (RAS) 1925 bm)
Halima (RAS): 1944 bm
Ragia (RAS) 1938 cm (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) 1917 cs x Farida (MNL) 1921 gm)
Halim El Mansour: 1979 bs
*Ansata Ibn Halima 1958 gs (Nazeer (RAS) 1934 gs x Halima (RAS) 1944 bm)
El Hilal: 1966 gs
*Bint Nefisaa 1959 gm (Nazeer (RAS) 1934 gs x Nefisa (RAS) 1945 gm)
RDM Maar Hala: 1973 gm
Disaan 1948 cs (Fay-El-Dine 1934 gs x Fa Saana 1937 gm)
Maar Jumana: 1962 bm
Maar-Ree 1957 gm (Fasaab 1948 ks x Maarou 1948 gm)
Bint Halim: 1991 gm
Nazeer (RAS) 1934 gs (Mansour (RAS) 1921 gs x Bint Samiha (RAS) 1925 bm)
Kaysoon (EAO): 1958 gs
Bint Kateefa (EAO) 1954 cm (Sid Abouhom (RAS) 1936 gs x Kateefa (RAS) 1938 gm)
Maymoon (GER): 1975 gs
Hadban Enzahi (RAS) 1952 gs (Nazeer (RAS) 1934 gs x Kamla (RAS) 1942 gm)
Maymoonah (GER): 1971 gm
Malikah (W-M) 1962 gm (Ghazal (EAO) 1953 gs x Malacha (EAO) 1955 bm)
Zama Maymoon: 1984 gm
Anchor Hill Halim 1970 gs (Hadbah 1957 gs x Silima 1966 gm)
Manal (GER): 1974 gs
Malikah (W-M) 1962 gm (Ghazal (EAO) 1953 gs x Malacha (EAO) 1955 bm)
Zeemana: 1979 gm
Kaysoon (EAO) 1958 gs (Nazeer (RAS) 1934 gs x Bint Kateefa (EAO) 1954 cm)
Zeenah (GER): 1972 gm
Zabia (EAO) 1967 cm (*Tuhotmos 1962 bs x Zahda (EAO) 1962 _m)

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1998 bs BMA Haalim De Zama (EAI Dhark Tamaar x Bint Halim)
Total descendants 1 Descendants by generation
1, 1
Descendants by year
1990-9, 1

1: See Bint Yamama (KDV): mtDNA Inheritance
Sun Sep 11 14:14:11 EDT 2011

the link is : http://roster.alkham...Halim0369d.HTML

Bint Halim is also in all breed pedigree, link is: http://www.allbreedp....com/bint halim

Any information would be greatly apprecaited!

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 10:35 AM

What would you like to know? I don't know much about Zeemana and Maymoon but I can tell you Halim El Mansour is from some of my favorite lines. He is a full brother to El Halimaar who produced many good horses. Horses that won at the National level in halter and performance. Horses with good minds and bodies not to mention beautiful! RDM Maar Hala, Halim El Mansour's dam produced I think (8?) champions and his sire Ansata Ibn Halima was imported from EAO and was I think 3 times National top ten halter and English park horse champion and legion of merit winner. He also sired many champions. I don't have data sourse so anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
Hope this helps some.

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 10:31 AM

This horse is considered Straight Egyptian and Al-Khamsa (meaning all descendants straight to the desert with no domestic breeding) Lots of German breeding on the dam's side with Kaysoon, Ghazal and Hadban Enzahi - the 3 great Nazeer sons to be exported to Germany. The Germans knew how to breed a good horse and used their Arabians in Warmblood breeding programs as well, so you will usually get a good, solid animal with this breeding up so close. Tuhotmos has mixed reviews but I like seeing him in a pedigree once or twice - not more. He was small from my understanding but I do know some people don't mind that. There is old Egyptian breeding (you will see the term Babson) coming through on both the sire and dam, which is always good to see for substance, legs and they tend to be very level-headed - sometimes to the point of lazy but not bad, IMO. *Ansarta Ibn Halima created a dynasty for Ansata and did well in the show ring but, again, was a small horse and generally produced small. They tend to have great temperments and often are very pretty.

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 06:02 AM

Thanks for the information. Nick is very althletic and pretty, extremely smart. I am having someone do his initial backing, and he dosen't entirely trust the trainer, and is personality plus. He will constantly test his boundries. Definately a horse you ask--not make him do something. He's not mean, and for the most part level headed. I just was wondering where his 'attitude' is from, breeding-wise. He is very attached to me, and trusts me, and is coming along quite nicely--and I'm hoping some of his althetic displays under saddle won't occur with me astride (thing capriole under saddle!).
He is crossed with a hannovarian, and this cross turned out extremely well;)
I'll post a pic once I figure out how to accomplish this.

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 09:31 AM

...Bint Halim was in eastern Ontario for quite a while...not sure where she is now, but I think I recognize the breeding of your gelding. You might want to look to the Rio Grande on his sire's side for some of the attitude. Rio was a great showjumper for Eric Lamaze but, like Hickstead, not necessarily the easiest horse. I hope your trainer takes it slowly, with consistency and doesn't push him too hard. He is eligible for half-Arab papers from CAHR which would be really nice to have so you can show him in the Arab sporthorse shows.

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 06:10 AM

Nick is registerd half-arab. If we do show it will likely be in open classes rather than breed shows. Not sure how active the arab breed shows are here in Ontario, perhaps something to investigate. You are right about his breeding, zai--it would be intersting to know the temperments of his siblings. We are taking his training slow--but wherever the attitude comes from I'm hoping to curb it. Luckily I've found an amazing person who is calm, patient, and an amazing rider! Time will tell!