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Posted 18 July 2009 - 02:16 PM

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What do multi-National Champion English Pleasure JA RAVE REVIEW, multi-National Champion hunt pleasure MINNESOTA SPATS+//, multi-National Champion Country Pleasure and Show Hack STAR AFIRE+, multi-National Champion Trail IBN BASKWYDION+//, multi-National Champion dressage DG KHAMARO, multi-National Champion western pleasure NARTANAIA and BASK LEGACIE+/ and multi-National halter champions MILLAYA and BELINDAA, plus National Champions in reining, stock horse, and sidesaddle and National winners in cutting have in common? The great Early American Foundation stallion PULQUE++ in their ancestry.

PULQUE++’s influence is even more remarkable when one considers that he sired just 136 registered get, 129 of them purebred Arabians (please note that one of his National winning Half-Arabian get, QUE HOMBRE+++, is not listed in Datasource on PULQUE+++’s progeny list but he was definitely by PULQUE+++ as reported in various Arabian publications at the time of his wins-there may be other Half-Arabian PULQUE++ get who are not on his progeny list because AHA records on early Half-Arabians often do not have parentage). 94 PULQUE++ get had progeny of their own (though some had just one offspring and their lines have died out in modern breeding). PULQUE++ descendants are noted for their excellent temperaments as well as correct structure, and many also share PULQUE++’s remarkable dark chestnut color with flaxen mane and ample white markings. Also of note is that many PULQUE++ descendants have remained sound and lived exceptionally long lifespans, with a number winning National titles in their late teens or even at age 20 or over.

PULQUE++ himself had an excellent show record and was one of the most admired stallions competing in the show ring in the 1960s. His versatility enabled him to achieve the titles of 1961, 1963, and 1964 U.S. Top Ten Stallion, 1963 U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure and 1964 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Western Pleasure. In the era in which PULQUE++ competed performance classes at the National level were very large as there were no subdivisions by age for amateur or junior riders. It should also be kept in mind that because there were far fewer National classes, top sires of PULQUE++’s era sired fewer National winners than today’s top show sires as there were fewer opportunities to compete.

PULQUE++ sired a total of 10 National winners, 7 of them purebred and 3 Half-Arabian. His purebred National winners are: 1968 U.S. Top Ten Trail SPOOQUE (x SAROUANA by SARIF SERIK), 1968 U.S. Top Ten Native Costume and English pleasure AOTR champion QUE MIRA (x GIMIRA by PHANTOM), 1969 Canadian Top Ten Mare QUE ARRIBA (x GIMIRA by PHANTOM), 1969 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure and Native Costume QUE HAMA++/ (x HAMASSA by HAMMIN), 1973 U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure KAW LIGA++ (x KAL-RAFFIRONA by RAFFI), 1978 U.S. Top Ten Sidesaddle UNIQUE (x FARVIEWS FATIMA by GUARDSMAN), and 1979 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure AOTR JEZABELL++ (x SAROUANA by SARIF SERIK). PULQUE++ also sired 3 Half-Arabian National winners: 1967 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian English Pleasure and Western Pleasure MINIQUE, 1968 U.S. Reserve National Champion Half-Arabian Western Pleasure QUE RINGO++, and QUE HOMBRE+++, a full brother to MINIQUE (they are both out of MINERVA STOUT, though her name is misspelled on MINIQUE’s Datasource listing as MINVERA STOUT). QUE HOMBRE+++ has a remarkable 15 National titles. They are: 1974 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian Gelding and Park, 1978 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian English Pleasure, 1979 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian English Pleasure, English Pleasure AOTR and Pleasure Driving, 1980 U.S. Top Ten Park AOTR, 1980 Canadian Reserve National Champion Half-Arabian Park AOTR and Top Ten English Pleasure AOTR, Native Costume and Pleasure Driving, 1981 and 1983 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian Native Costume, and 1982 Canadian Top Ten English Sidesaddle and Native Costume.


Eleven PULQUE++ get produced National winners, 10 of them purebred. His Half-Arabian National winner producer is MINIQUE (herself a multi-National winner as detailed above). She is the dam of 5 champions: Legion of Honor HANQUE++ (by HAMAN), Half-Arabian hunt pleasure champion NOTORIOUS LADY(by BASKMEN), Half-Arabian multi-regional dressage champions and hunt pleasure champion MINIQUES FINALE (by VORTEX), 1976 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian English Pleasure JOTR QUE RANGER (by VORTEX) and 1977 U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Half-Arabian Park JUDSON (by THE JUDGE).

Four PULQUE++ sons sired National winners. KAW LIGA++ is the sire of THE CHAIRMAN+/ (x AIDA MIA), whose 4 National titles include U.S. Top Ten Park AOTR, English Pleasure JOTR and Sidesaddle and Canadian National Champion English Sidesaddle. QUE MAS (x CONFIDENTIAL++), a multiple native costume champion, sired just five registered purebred get due to his early death at age 7. He sired just two producing daughters.: QUE ALEGRE+, a 1975 U.S. Top Ten Native Costume winner and founded a dynasty of National winners; and National winner producer QUE SANO. QUE MAS has 2 Half-Arabian get recorded in Datasource, one of them 1985 U.S. National Champion Half-Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR QUE TAMERA (who won her titles at age 24!!). His son MAHR QUE+/, a Half-Arabian, is not recorded with a pedigree or foaling year in Datasource but was 1985 U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian Native Costume and 1987 U.S. Reserve National Champion Half-Arabian Native Costume, both wins would have been achieved when he was in his mid 20s since his sire died in 1971. The PULQUE++ son CLIQUE (x FARVIEWS MAJIDA by GUARDSMAN) sired 1986 U.S. Top Ten English Sidesaddle CLIQAGYN (x FJORGYN) and 10 time National winner CHOCKLIQUE (x AM CHICKLET), whose titles include Canadian National Champion Stock Horse and Stock Horse AOTR, U.S. Reserve National Champion Stock Horse AOTR, and U.S. National Champion Reining AOTR (at age 19!) The final PULQUE++ son to sire a National winner is WINDFIRE (x JYBELLE), sire of 1975 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure MISS WINDEE (x MISS ROYALTY) and of twice U.S. Top Ten English Sidesaddle C WILDFIRE (x QUE MIRA), who is a double PULQUE++ grandson.

Six PULQUE++ daughters have produced National winners. HYQUE (x HYRAFF by INDRAFF) is the dam of twice U.S. Top Ten Native Costume GOLDEN ASHES and also of Merit award winner GOLDEN DOMINOSON++/, both by the English import *GOLDEN DOMINO. QUE MIRA (x GIMIRA) is the dam of C WILDFIRE, already mentioned. SANTO CAROLITA (x IBN HANRAHS ESTRELLITA by IBN HANRAH) is the dam of 1987 U.S. National Champion Stock Horse SANTO GAZZAL (by GAZZAL+). SLIQUE (x FAZYK by ZYKAM) produced 1980 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure IBN BAY ROD (by BAY ROD++) as well as 3 producers of National winners. CONSCIENCE++(x CONFIDENTIAL++) is the dam of 1981 U.S. National Champion Futurity Gelding and 1983 U.S. National Champion Gelding KRUGERRAND (by BAY ROD++). HYDRANGEA (x MARGARET WITEZ) is the dam of twice Canadian Top Ten Western Pleasure JOTR PIREL+/.

PULQUE++’s influence on the breed extends far beyond his immediate get and grandget. We will now discuss some of the PULQUE++ descendants who have compiled National winning show records to show how his blood has bred on into modern stock. Many of today’s popular sires have achieved their status thanks to being bred to PULQUE++ descendants. These include *BASK++, BARBARY+++, AFIRE BEY V, KHEMOSABI++++//, *EL GHAZI, MILLENNIUM LOA+, HUCKLEBEY BERRY+, *MAGNUM CHALL HVP, etc.

First we will examine some of the National winners tracing to daughters of PULQUE++.

PULQUE++’s daughter QUE HERMOSA (x TEZARDA) is the dam of FAY ZAR (by FAYHANRAH), sire of 1982 U.S. National Champion Half-Arabian Native Costume ZARRTANIA+//. His daughter ASUSALUD (x KAL-RAFFIRONA) produced MY KULIANA (dam of 8 time Half-Arabian National winner TCP HALEAKALA+, who has titles in show hack and English sidesaddle). Another daughter, SANGRITA (x BINT RONARA), is the dam of ROYBABE, whose son RAZMATRAZ is a U.S. Top Ten Open Cutting winner. FOUR WINDS WIZQUE (x AL-MARAH ROOTH) is the dam of SERRAZQUE, paternal granddam of U.S. Top Ten Native Costume KNA WAR CHANT+. Another daughter, QUE NEYNA(x KRANEYNA), is the maternal granddam of G-C LOVE, whose daughter NULOVE is a U.S. Top Ten Mare. PULQUERIDA (x ARRAFA) is the dam of PULASK (by *BASK++), sire of 2 National winner producers: FM PULIMMA (dam of U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure Futurity MARQUIS DECID WCF) and JAG SILHOUETTE (dam of U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian Western Sidesaddle JTR JAG KALICO KID+). The PULQUE++ daughter QUE ARRIBA (x QUE MIRA) produced English pleasure champion HARR STARRSHINE (by the *BASK++ son CZARR), who is the dam of 2 National winners: multi-U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure AOTR FA STARR STRUCK+/ (by the *BASK++ son SARDONYX) and the double PULQUE++ MINNESOTA SPATS+// (by the linebred *BASK++ BASK LEGEND), who has 11 National wins including U.S National Champion English Sidesaddle and twice U.S. National Champion Hunt Pleasure AOTR 18-39.

The PULQUE++ daughter SLIQUE has already been mentioned as the dam of U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure IBN BAY ROD, but she is also the dam of 3 National winner producers. Her son BAYS DESTINY (by BAY ROD++) sired BAYS DYNASTY, 1992 U.S. Reserve National Champion Hunt Pleasure AOTR and a U.S. and Canadian top ten winner in western pleasure AOTR. BAYWITCHED, another BAY ROD++/SLIQUE offspring, produced U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure UA BRIM (by the *NABORR son KARABORR). SLIQUE’s daughter ISSE-LO (by the *BASK++ grandson MAI KAI) produced U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure JOTR 13/Under THE ENFERNO+/, who has 4 National wins.

The PULQUE++ daughter GAZAL POQUITA (x RIFKHA), a Region 4 Top Five English Pleasure and Western Pleasure winner, has had enormous influence on successful show horses. Her daughter MM SHARONNO (by NAFAGE) is the dam of U.S. Top Ten Hunter and Hunter Hack ATR JG NAMIRA (by FIRE AN ICE). GAZAL POQUITA’s daughter BASKAZAL (by *BASK++), produced 8 champions. She is the dam of ALASKKA (by *ALADDINN), whose son COMING ATTRACCION is a U.S. Top Ten Futurity Colt. BASKAZAL is also the dam of U.S. Top Ten Futurity Colt BASK LEGEND (by the *BASK++ son BASKE-TU and sire of multi-National Champion MINNESOTA SPATS+//) and of U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure Junior Horse and Canadian Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure BASK LEGACIE+/, also by BASKE TU, sire of 3 time U.S. National winner in Half-Arabian western pleasure and western sidesaddle THE LAST COOKIE+ and Canadian Top Ten Half-Arabian Hunt Pleasure Junior Horse and Western Pleasure Junior Horse AAR DOC HOLIDAY. GAZAL POQUITA is also the dam of the influential BASK GAZAL by *BASK++. BASK GAZALis the maternal grandddam of MARSHAH, sire of three time National top ten gelding GGA VERMILION. BASK GAZAL’s son S-SHAH BASK (by BEY SHAH+) sired 5 time National winner PIAZZHAH+// (who has titles in hunt pleasure and English sidesaddle) and Canadian Reserve National Champion Senior Mare and U.S. Top Ten Senior Mare SHAHAMIA. BASK GAZAL’s daughter BELINDAA (by the *BASK++/BEY SHAH+ stallion MISHAAH) is a U.S. Reserve National Champion Sweepstakes Filly and Canadian Reserve National Champion Futurity Filly, and she is the dam of U.S. Reserve National Champion Sweepstakes Filly MATTAHARII. (by *MAGNUM CHALL HVP).

PULQUE++ has many National winners tracing to him through the influence of his sons. SENOR PULQUE+ (x ABDAALAE) is the sire of QUEROL, dam of EL HAJJAR, who has 7 National titles in the U.S. and Canada in reining. QUEROL is also the dam of KIZZEY, 3 of whose 4 offspring are regional winners or better in reining. They include National winners TSPARKLIN JEWEL+/ and TSPARKS IGNITE.

WINDFIRE has 4 daughters who have National winners tracing to them. His daughter ALINTHA (x LINTHA WITEZ) is the maternal granddam of regional champion cutting horse LR KAILAI WITEZ, sire of three times U.S. Top Ten Reining SAQQARA FREE. His daughter PURE GOLD (x ZAZIMA++) is the dam of GENESIS KHAZELLE, whose son GENESIS KADENCE+ is the 1993 Canadian National Champion Half-Arabian English Pleasure JOTR. Another daughter, MISS WINDEE (x MISS ROYALTY) is the dam of U.S. Top Ten Jumper MY LORELEIE (by the straight Egyptian stallion MOSRY++). WINDFIRE’s daughter ROYAL LADY, a full sister to MISS WINDEE, is the dam of 3 producers of National winners, all sired by KHEMOSABI++++//. They include multi-regional champion hunt pleasure and sidesaddle KHEMACHO++/ (sire of multi-National Champion dressage and show hack DG KHAMARO and CMF SOLITAIRE, dam of 3 National winners), KHEMO WINDSONG (dam of multi-National Champion Trail IBN BASKWYDION+//) and FRIVOLIE, the top-producing daughter of KHEMOSABI++++// with 10 champions and 7 National winners to her credit including Canadian National Champion Gelding and U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Western Pleasure Junior Horse ABSOLUT PR++, U.S. National Champion Western Pleasure AOTR and National winner producer NARTANAIA (who has 10 National titles), Canadian Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure AOTR FLEURDELIS PR, U.S. Top Ten Futurity Gelding and Hunt Pleasure AOTR NARELL, and western pleasure National winners NARCISSE PR, LEGACY PR and MAXIMUM PR.

QUE MAS is the most influential PULQUE++ son in number of National winning descendants even though only two of his daughters bred on. QUE SANO is the dam of 1980 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure AOTR HAR DIAMOND GIRL (by the *BASK++ son CZARR). She has produced 7 champions and 3 National winners, including U.S. Top Ten Futurity Filly and Mare AOTH O KHORUS GIRL (by the AAF KASET+ son O KASINO), U.S. Top Ten Mare AOTH and twice Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure O SUZY Q (by HUCKLEBEY BERRY+), and U.S. Reserve National Champion English Sidesaddle SCARLETT FEVER (by the Russian import *NAPITOK+).

QUE MAS’s daughter QUE ALEGRE+ has founded a remarkable family of show horses. Her son BOX OFFICE (by BARBARY+++), a multi-regional champion in English pleasure, pleasure driving and informal combination, sired just 8 registered get. They include JA INGENUE, dam of 4 time National winner in hunt pleasure KOUVAY BABE+, and 19 time National winner JA RAVE REVIEW, whose titles include U.S. National Champion English Pleasure, English Pleasure AOTR 18-39 and English Pleasure JTR 14-17 and Canadian National Champion English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving and Informal Combination.

QUE ALEGRE+’s daughter NDL HARLOW, also by BARBARY+++, is a U.S. Top Ten Country Pleasure AOTR winner who has produced National Champions in halter and performance: U.S. Reserve National Champion Country Pleasure HELEN HAYES X (by *EL GHAZI) and Canadian National Champion Jackpot Filly and Junior Champion Mare and U.S. National Champion Country Pleasure JTR 13/Under MILLAYA LOA.

QUE ALEGRE+’s daughter QUE PASA (by the *BASK++ son CZARR) has founded a multi-generational family of National winners. QUE PASA is the dam of 4 champions including a National winner and 4 National winner producers. Her daughter PASSION X is a U.S. Top Ten Show Hack and multi-regional country pleasure champion. Her daughter SWEET PROMISES+// (by BARBARY+++) has 3 National wins in western pleasure and western sidesaddle with junior riders. She has produced 7 champions, 2 of them National winners sired by AFIRE BEY V: STARLIN AFIRE, winner of 4 top tens in country pleasure, and STAR AFIRE+ (who has 11 National titles in show hack and 18 in country pleasure, with National Championships in both). QUE PASA’s daughter, multi-regional champion country pleasure PROMISE ME LOVE (by BARBARY+++), is the dam of regional halter winner and National Champion sire PRINCE OF FHIRE (by AFIRE BEY V), twice Canadian Top Tern Country Pleasure NW PHIRECRACKER (by AFIRE BEY V), and 4 time National winner in halter, country pleasure and show hack NW PHENOMENON (by BUCHAREST V). Another daughter of BARBARY+++ and QUE PASA, QUE BARBAROSA, is the dam of 6 time National winner QUINN AFIRE (by AFIRE BEY V), whose titles include Canadian Reserve National Champion English Pleasure JTR. Finally, PROMISES KEPT by BARBARY+++ out of QUE PASA has produced 7 champions, including 4 time National winner in country pleasure PREMONITION AFIRE+/.

People who remember PULQUE++ will immediately recall his coat which glowed like precious metal, and so his blood runs like a golden thread through the pedigrees of some of today’s best show horses.

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Posted 20 July 2009 - 12:03 PM

Terrific information, Arlene! Thank you so much!
Happy trails,
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Posted 11 August 2009 - 07:34 PM

Awesome as always thanks Arlene

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Posted 14 October 2009 - 09:50 AM

Awesome as always thanks Arlene

Amazing article. I am happy to know more about him as I will be around descendants of his a lot soon.