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PEPETE was bred by Don Juan Del Cid and brought to the island of Mallorca by Pedro Salas of the Yeguada Ses Rotes as a 4 year old with Salas's first purchase of purebred arabians from mainland Spain. At that time Don Pedro was breeding the elegant 16 hh purebred Spanish Horse which is also known as the Andalusian. At a mere 147 centimeters ( 14.2+ hh) Pepete seemed a midget in comparison and was too much horse for an inexperienced children's pony. He kept jumping out of his stall for one thing, even though he could barely see over the 5 1/2 foot doors built for his 16 and 17 hand stable mates.

PEPETE was sold on and eventually was discovered by Lisa at the Son Vida Hotel Livery Stable where he was being ridden daily by his devoted Dutch lady owner. Nothing could persuade a sale at that point but fortunately some 15 years later Lisa heard that PEPETE had been seen on the cobblestone streets of Arenal/Palma as a tourist hack. This time she was more fortunate and was able to bring him home!

PEPETE had never been bred but his own stamina, strong dence bone and beauty had survived. Inbred to the Veragua mare Veranda, dam of the well known military stallion Uzacur, PEPETE was a grandson of both Gandhy and Barquillo. He was exactly what was needed for Lisa's heavily bred Congo mares.