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Live And Learn

Posted by Comstock Lode , 14 January 2012 · 3,265 views

This was originally posted in August 2008 http://forums.arabia...live-and-learn/but I wanted it to move up in the feed so I am reposting it .

Update 1-14-2012 Carla Wardlow is active on Facebook and has been try to purchase horses . My story is just a footnote on the scams that have gone on . Please read the comments below for more information on horses being repossessed for non- payment and also search this site for more information . My friend has never received a refund and Carla has actually tried to "friend" her on Facebook . Be very careful when dealing with this woman .

Current ( January 2012 ) thread here on ABN http://forums.arabia...eltic-arabians/

Updated info - new web site . As of 11-10-2008 my friend has not received any refund .

Normally I steer away from conflict or controversy but I feel fairly strongly about this and have put some thought into writing about this experience before deciding to do it .

Back around 6 months ago there was an auction organized to help an ABN member who had a family member who was very ill . The auction was not here on ABN but many members donated items and there was a thread about it in the Caf� . One of the items donated was a puppy . A friend of mine had been looking for this type and color of dog , she placed a bid on the puppy . My friend was surprised she won the auction with her bid which was low but there was no reserve . My friend sent the bid money to help buy the medicine and she was happy to be able to help.

She contacted the donator of the puppy, a regular poster here on ABN . She did ask me about this woman who I did not know but thought must be ok, she had donated to help out in the auction . The puppy owner told my friend to send $300 for shipping the puppy from Oklahoma . My friend promptly sent the money via Paypal . She didn�t hear anything from the woman for a couple days so she contacted the woman to find out when the puppy would ship . She was told the puppy died . My friend is a good and kind person so she believed the story and simply asked to have her shipping money refunded . This all happened within a week, the woman said she would send the shipping money back . Of course she never did and came up with many stories over the last 6 months why she didn't send the money back .

During this 6 months according this woman�s web site she has bought a new horse and she is often posting about horses for sale here on ABN . I felt partly responsible for my friend getting cheated out of her money because I told her about the auction and honestly pissed off someone would pocket $300 by taking advantage of this charity auction . I tried contacting the woman , I did not tell my friend but hoped the woman would finally see the light and give back the money . The woman was very rude and also told me a story about how she did not have the money . Here�s the thing , that money was sent to ship the dog , she must have quickly spent it on something else , told my friend some lame story about the dog hanging itself and then has strung my friend along for 6 months telling her she�ll give her back her money .

My friend is out the money and she could really use it to buy hay for her two horses, a 25 year old Arab gelding and a 22 year old � Arab mare . We�ve been friends for 15 years, in fact I met her when I ran an Arabian Horse Youth Group , she was one of my youth members . You could never meet a more honest and kind person . I can�t tell you how mad it makes me this woman took advantage of my friend and this auction . My friend said she will tell her story to anyone who might have dealings with this woman , including all the emails back and forth . Not much more can be done at this point other than let people know about this dishonest person . I will put anyone I see dealing with this woman in contact with my friend so they make an informed decision on dealing with her .

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