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To Read or NOT To Read.

Posted by CastawayArabiansFarm , 08 July 2016 · 1,932 views

To Read or NOT To Read. I haven't written anything in awhile.. I have been so amazingly blessed with being so busy I haven't had a chance to really think. I happen to be flipping through the pages of an old classic horse book in my spare moments, a common one known as Black Beauty. Back in North Carolina, I remember so many mothers of students that would come up to me about and ask what literature I would recommend, because books like Black Beauty are "too sad" and "too much for a child to understand". At 23 years of age, and after rereading it, the following I have concluded. 1. Unless you are reading this to a toddler, this shouldn't be that hard to comprehend. 2. There are amazing life lessons snugged into this hardcover.. Such as ignorance is as bad as abuse. If a trend is harmful, simply choose to not follow it.. Be the change you want to see. That over work, impatience and blame get you nowhere. There is even a whole chapter where Jerry talks about elections, and how people should ACT. "I am ashamed to see how men go on that ought to know better. An election is a very serious thing; at least it ought to be, and every man ought to vote according to his conscience, and let his neighbor do the same" (Chapter 42, The Election, page 185). Though Beauty goes through many abuses, he has a happy ending..one of my first insights to the world of horse abuse and neglect was through our neighbors, at the tender age of eight mind you. There were three horses in all, and one of the mares was quite elderly. Within a year and after seeing her go down (my Dad would often help her back up, with no help from the neighbors, or so called "owners"), the poor girl had fallen in one of her run-ins. It was muddy inside, and she had swung her head back and fourth so violently she must have hit the walls as her eyes where clouded over and draining.. blind. She panicked as she heard me and my Dad step up to her, and broke not one but both her back legs. My Dad called the owner, and all she did was yell at him for being on her property.. She wouldn't even call out a vet to put her down. That mare was left to die in her stall. And she did. No justice was brought for the horse and the owner left uncharged, because her older sister held a government position. What was I told as an eight year old who happened to be a horse loving kid? "Nothing can be done, because blood is thicker than water". It was kept hush hush, and to this day it's barely spoken about within my family. Years later I still remember it like it was yesterday, you don't forget those smells or that sound of bone breaking, or the scream a horse makes when in that much pain. So you TELL me, read a book with a moral to the story? Or know for a fact that the world is unfair, with no heroes, and if someone holds a position of power you can't do anything about it. You decide parents.

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