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Shar Tahl AE

Posted by greygelding , 02 October 2017 · 7,820 views

Begonia is a sweet mare and a wonderful riding horse but we like a bit more from our horses. We like personal interaction and really appreciate it in out hour of need. There was a huge void in our lives as Tess was our last link to our original herd, and Begonia had no idea what to do. It was a numbness that seemed without end and one evening as I was admiring horses for sale on the Arabian Breeders Network when I came across a picture of a mare for sale. The big bright eyes and exceptionally bright look got my attention immediately. Pam was walking past, looked over my shoulder, and said "When did you take that picture of Tess?" I called about her and talked to the owner explaining that we were interested but possibly not ready to replace Tess yet. We were hoping a long road trip would be good for us. We drove down Saturday afternoon, stayed in a motel, and the next morning went to see Shar. As we drove into the stable we looked around at all the horses but we couldn't locate her. Later as we talked over our visit on the way home we discovered our first impressions were the same. We met the owner and she led us to a small corral typical of most boarding stables. Inside was a small, bored horse quietly munching her morning hay. there seemed to be nothing special about her but looks can be deceiving. aI remember thinking "We came all this way to see this?" As we entered her corral he immediately perked up with the prospect of visitors at hand. Pam interacted with her and pointed to a small tasty looking tidbit of hay that had fallen on the ground. Immediately Shar reached down and gobbled it up. Shar then turned her attention to me. I talked, petted, and offered a scratch or two but she only had eyes for Pam so she turned back to her. She had visibly grown in size and looks in the last few minutes and had become the horse we expected to see. She was taken out and worked in the round pen. She had nice ground training with a saddle and side reins she was responsive to commands but she seemed to keep one eye fixed on Pam. On one circuit as she passed us I purposely leaned against some metal panels leaning against a fence behind us. They made a bit of noise but Shar's reaction was only the flick of one ear showing she heard it but there was no other reaction. Next she was turned out into a large paddock where she turned on with energy, style and an athletic display that was captivating. When she started relaxing we turned our attention to talking to the owner. We ere spaced out a bit and Pam motioned to Shar with a beckoning motion with one hand. Shar ignored me and just walked past, she glanced at her owner, and walked right up to Pam like they were lifelong friends. Standing next to a small trailer loaded with stuff to be hauled away I held her after she was untacked. Shar was really interested in its contents and proceeded to preform a through inspection of what was within easy reach. Pam took her for a short walk and they both seemed right at home. Terms of her purchase were discussed and we headed home to think it over. It took about 10 miles. I'm not a big fan or replacing a lost horse on the spur of the moment but there was something about Shar that had both of us wanting her. Pam made the call and the process was in progress. A lot of sellers require references but they are rarely checked but this time we received a through vetting. I have no problem with that as I believe one needs to know something about the home the horse is going to. Calls were placed to our vet, farrier, the boarding stable owner, and even to Varian Arabians. We passed with flying colors and another long drive was in my immediate future.
Bright and early on a Sunday morning found us back at Shar's stable. This time when we pulled in Shar was big, bright, and watching. Once the paperwork was completed it was time to load our new girl. I had no idea what she would think of our trailer but just for fun I tried what I called the Mayo load. I let the rope hang, tossing the end over her back, and walked her up to the trailer and let go. To the astonishment of all, including her owner, she walked right into the trailer and waited patiently for us to close up. I have cameras in the trailer and we watched as she inspected every inch she could reach with her nose. It must have met with her approval as when the inspection was completed she started to eat. As we headed out we were discussing how different she is from other horses we have known, but we really had no idea as to what was to come.
As soon as we started out we watched her as attention was centered on whatever she could see out the window. Some horses are eaters who only look out occasionally between bites of food, while others are lookers who will take an occasional bite of food and chew while watching the world go by out the window. Shar was a looker. We were on our way up the grade out of town when I noticed all the trucks throttling up. For some reason they were all in a big hurry and I was wondering why when it occurred to me, snow! In our excitement I had not checked the weather report and it had started to rain lightly. Over the pass ahead of me it would start snowing shortly and we might be stuck for awhile. I decided to postpone a food stop until we were over the pass and while we were still traveling safely we were making good time. The rain had increased and as we were not quite to the summit it had indeed started to snow. By the time we reached the summit it was sticking lightly on the roadside but not on the road itself. We made it! I reduced my speed back to my more leisurely pace for the trip down the other side but Mother Nature wasn't done with us yet. As we reached the bottom a strong wind appeared. I slowed yet again and the road made a turn and now I had a tailwind helping us along. We got good gas mileage that day for sure. Finally the wind and the rain let up and we were out of the storm so it was time to let Shar out to stretch her legs.
As we pulled over by a truck stop the rain suddenly just stopped and the sun peeked through the clouds. I unloaded Shar and she was in heaven. Her life has been sheltered and she was fascinated by traffic, trucks, and everything else going on around us. I walked her around and her head never came down as she was afraid she might miss something. We loaded back up and got back on the road. Immediately the sun disappeared and the rain started pounding again. Not one drop of water fell on her during our stop. This mare has serious connections! After a long drive with another rest stop thrown in we arrived home. The board owner had saved us the corral that Begonia was in and that would be Shar's new home. We turned her loose and she started her inspection again. First with the nose on the ground she made a complete circuit of the corral, then raising her head up level the process was repeated. Finally she raised her head up and started the inspection renewed. Finished with the corral she repeated it in the stall. Where she came from she had a small corral with an overhead panel while this one had about five times the area and an enclosed stall. Apparently satisfied she settled in the stall as if to say "OK, it'll do just fine". Where Begonia hated the stall, Shar loved it. If nothing of interest was going on outside she could be found inside, sometimes looking out her window, but most times she would have just her head hanging out the door watching traffic. Nothing on the ranch moved without her notice but watching road traffic was her favorite thing. One day the neighbors across the road had a garage sale and she never left the fence apparently fascinated with all the comings and goings.
We would turn her out with Mayo and Begonia but she wasn't into other horses and could care less. She preferred to do her own thing only showing interest in the others if she suspected they were getting treats and she was missing out. For some strange reason there was something about her that brought peace to our household. Her personality and involvement with us had filled the void left by Tess. While Tess was still in our thoughts we had come to terms with our loss.

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