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Chapter 7 - Bo Horsey

Posted by greygelding , 21 April 2016 · 592 views

Bo Horsey

Bo was a five year old chestnut Arabian gelding with conformation sure to place him last in any horse show. His hip bones stuck out and he had a bit of a pigeon chest. Hidden inside this package was one heck of a horse. He was a very clever horse, loved to have fun, and had a lust for life most humans would envy. He was very willing to please, eager to do something or anything at the drop of a hat, and had a very comical and wicked sense of humor. He taught me that horses could be a lot of fun to do things with other than feed and ride, and he quickly became our family gelding. A registered purebred he arrived ready to ride with quite a few endurance training miles under his belt. I being a former cross country runner, of course decided that it would be fun to do a ride and tie with him. I was way out of shape as I gained over 35 pounds almost immediately upon the loss of Primero. I had just quit running or anything else for that matter. I finally had a goal again in my life and I threw myself into it with gusto. Time was short so I knew we wouldn't be competitive but I didn't care, we were going to go! What he didn't arrive with were his registration papers so we didn't know his full name. All we knew was it was something, something, something Bo. Asking him to stop by saying Ho Bo never really caught on with us so we started calling him "Bo Horsey" or sometimes "The Bo Horse". We did eventually get his papers but by then his name was set with us. Almost every evening I would take him for a training ride and then go for a run myself. Finally it was time and we were off.
We had a bit of car trouble so we arrived a bit late but were greeted warmly. He was vetted and we received our information packet and numbers. The next morning I found myself sitting on top of something I hadn't expected. To say he was excited would be an understatement. Head held high, neck hard as a steel post, and nostrils flared breathing the morning air, I expected to see flames shooting from them any second. The plan was for Pam to run first while I would delay our start to let the serious competitors blast out first. Good luck with that plan. As the leaders took off I was having such a hard time keeping him back that I finally just gave up and concentrated on keeping some sort of control. It was like riding a tornado for the first half mile or so. Then the trail went up "cardiac hill" and it occurred to him that maybe this might be more work than he was expecting. Finally settling in to a pace we worked our way up hill. About halfway up I stopped and tied him for Pam and started my run. Pam and Bo soon overtook me and she tied him at the top of the hill and away she ran. Coming up to him I figured we were somewhere in the top half of the teams and all was well. Then came the unexpected.
I passed Pam and went a bit further tying Bo to a tree. I ran and ran expecting Pam at any moment but all I saw was the other teams horses passing me on the trail. I arrived at the 9 mile point, halfway through the race, and into the vet checkpoint but no Pam. I sat and waited getting more worried by the minute until I saw Pam running into the checkpoint. She should have been riding a horse, not running. The look of surprise on her face showed that she expected me to have him with me. Now what? Shortly after her arrival came the drag riders who informed me that they saw our horse hiding behind a tree at the top of the mountain. I'm not sure what the drag riders were supposed to do as they just left him there so I had about a 6 mile run back up the mountain to retrieve The Bo Horse. When I arrived he came out from behind the tree nickering to me as if to say "I'm all alone here. Where did everyone go?" Somehow his rope had loosened and he had pulled enough length for him to move to the far side of the tree. I mounted up and rode into camp. I went the whole 18 miles, Pam went 9 miles, and our fabulous new endurance horse went a whopping 6 miles. He thought it was really fun and while disappointed that we didn't complete the race, we actually had a good time ourselves. Little did I suspect that the Bo Horsey had found his people, was able to manipulate ropes, and had found someone to amuse himself with.

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