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Healing the Soul

Posted by KhonsMom , 04 October 2009 · 234 views

Today I was really starting to feel upset about things going on in my life .. and I hadn't seen Khon in about a week.

Soo I went out to the barn, grabbed my saddle and tacked khon up ... wasn't the smartest thing since he hasn't seen the saddle in a week so he crowhopped in the aisle ... but I was able to get him under control. Then he balked at a puddle *rolls eyes* and then bucked some more .. nothing big, and he never pulled on the line, just hopped around me... Sooo finally after about a minute I get him to settle down, get him out in the ring and turn him loose to let him buck it out ... nope doesn't want to buck ... BAH!*throws up hands* Finally get him moving and bucking ... when he gets back to me, put him on the line and lunge him both directions .. we're completely fine and don't care about the saddle...
Slap the saddle, flap the stirrups, etc. we're fine ... soo we move on to puddles. Khon hadn't seen puddles since spring and the recent rain helped ... It's nice because the puddles are only in one corner of the ring and it's a nice long, narrow puddle. He rushed through a few times but I FINALLY got him to just stand and relax in the puddle... which was a first... he even drank from the puddle... infact I think he was trying to drink the ring dry .... silly baby.

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