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Sensay's Story

Posted by NadiaKA , 09 September 2008 · 1,953 views

**Warning: Graphic Wound Photos Below**

After a long and difficult journey and now with another long road to recovery ahead, the straight Russian mare Rare Sensaytion has arrived to join our broodmare band at Kakagi Arabians. She is sired by the imported Topol son *Novator, known as a sire of athletes including 5 National winners in Dressage (Training level through Prix St. Georges) and Stakes winners on the track. Her dam, PR Sensacja, placed in all 6 starts on the track and has produced a multiple Regional winner in Dressage, Training through 4th level. PR Sensacja's sire *Mandat was an imported Aswan son out of Miest, the Salon daughter who produced the Kossack Stud's Peleng son Gomel, winner of 44 out of 53 starts in Dressage when competing against warmbloods in Europe.

Posted Image

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Rare Sensaytion herself placed twice in two starts on the track and was a Class A winner in halter. Her son Rizinshinecollin has also raced, starting 10 times and finishing as high as 2nd. After seeing what our stallion *Nefison has produced with the *Novator daughter Novaya, owned by Kim Cox of Caramea Stud, we were excited to find Rare Sensaytion available in Maryland. She represents what has been a proven cross with *Nefison both phenotypically and genotypically and is young enough that we are hoping to also try her with our young *Nefison sons.

Unfortunately Rare Sensaytion's journey to Canada was not an easy one, and after three legs of travel and two layovers, she arrived with a severed tendon in her right hind leg and various, more superficial injuries. The first leg of Sensay's trip went relatively well and she arrived in KY without major problems, but at this point we were now well aware of her aversion to trailer rides. We made a point to warn our next hauler and request that she be hauled in a box, but unfortunately it is our understanding that the warning did not make it on to the driver, and no box was available. This is not the end of what this particular hauler put us through, if anyone would like more details, feel free to contact me. Between KY and MI Sensay kicked the door off the trailer and put her foot through a window, resulting in the worst of her injuries. Less than wonderful vets along the way didn't improve matters, but we are grateful to both Cindi Nutter of Sport Arabians for laying her over in KY, and especially to Jim Andreson of Selket Arabians for caring for her in MI. There would clearly be no more haulers in her future, so with the help of Joanne Ogden (coming to our rescue yet again!) we picked Sensay up in MI and are now caring for her wounds at home.

This is the worst of them, pictured (before cleaning) August 29th, two days after arrival:
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Posted Image

August 31st:
Posted Image

September 2nd:
Posted Image

And September 6th:
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Posted Image

We have a long road ahead, but Sensay has proven to be a 'tough cookie' and quite the survivor to make it this far. When she has recuperated enough to spend a little time outside, I will share some pictures of the rest of her!

Comstock Lode
Sep 12 2008 10:52 AM
Poor thing !
Thankfully she is safe home with you now, and she looks to be healing fantastic! First picture was very "scary"! Looking forward to pictures of the rest of her! Love her bloodlines, of course, race lines!!! Is she going to be a Nef Girl? Or someone else's girl?
The plan is to breed her to Nef when she is healed, possibly in the spring. We may have to keep her out of heat for awhile as we've had a couple setbacks lately and new bleeding, we believe she is kicking/rubbing due to her heat cycle. Today is a bandage change day so hopefully things will be looking better.I don't anticipate breeding her to anyone off farm as I don't want to ever put her on a trailer again... thinking she will be the girl for Nef as long as he is breeding, then his sons and a possible new lease in our future!
I was wondering how she was healing. I own her son mentioned above (Rizinshinecollin, aka Collin) and have been thinking about her alot. Tell her that her son and I are routing for her! How did you come across the information on Collin's racing past? I have been trying to get pictures or information on his races. Give us an update on her condition when you have a moment.
Sensay is doing great, she is off stall rest now and we have graduated her from a small pen outside by herself into a field with our stallion and three other mares. She's attached herself to our stallion and established herself at the top of the pecking order, which is fairly impressive as two of the other mares are very dominant. I haven't taken any pictures of her wound lately, it is all but healed but we are keeping it wrapped to keep the new skin from freezing. We're hoping to get her bred for an early 2010 foal.I would love to see pictures of her son! I found his racing info on the Arabian Horse DataSource (http://www.arabdatasource.com/), it requires a subscription to look up a horse but I'd be happy to send along the details. It only lists the races for stakes but has the starts, wins, 2nds, 3rds, placed and earnings by year. Feel free to send me an email, nadia@kakagiarabians.com!

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