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#768858 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by cvm2002 on 21 May 2016 - 08:25 PM

Thrilled to finally report that Bunny presented us with an Antham filly 12:35am 5/20.  We had some issues with borderline rejection (this is Bunny's first foal...) but I'm happy to report that we have that under control (see my other post for details!) and Bunny is now being a very good mom.  


Introducing Dantonia WSA, flaxen, sabino chestnut filly.  As you can see, she's chromed to the max!  So far, everything we were hoping for with this cross!






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#625297 No Convictions For Marsha Parkinson And The Return Of Over 60 Horses As A Res...

Posted by dowedoit on 27 February 2012 - 12:12 PM

Hmmmm - guess I'm officially proud to be a member of the "tin foil hat society" that approximately a year ago (edited to "approximately a year ago" from "more than a year ago" to reflect the seizure in April - was thinking it was January...) voiced our concerns about the legality of the Canterbury seizure. As was said back then but bears repeating now - don't assume it won't happen to you. Don't assume that everyone who falls prey to a "rescue" group turned law enforcement is guilty.

I am so thankful that Marsha found the resources to challenge DEFHR and Queen Anne's County. I would not have been to come up with the money to defend the bogus charges - as is the case for most people - which is why these rescue groups have run amok and have been allowed to trample on the property rights of owners.

For those who were so critical and quick to judge Marsha - I hope you learn something. And I hope that people will quit being so quick to judge - that mentality is what has given these vigilante rescues the power to abuse.

I am forever grateful that Marsha has exposed their abuses. I certainly hope that she is able to recoup what I would expect to be a six figure legal defense bill in civil court.
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#771597 After 8+ years out he goes

Posted by HGEsquire on 12 July 2017 - 08:02 AM

It's been quite some time since I have made a new post here on ABN.  Not 8+ years as that is an entire different subject and the reason for my post.


With Sport Horse Nationals on our side of the world this year and after having sold our linebred colt Mondavi GA, aka 'Robbie' I got the hair brained idea to take Esquire+ back out again.  


Of course I had absolutely no idea how this would go since he seriously has not even had a saddle on in 8+ years (not his fault).  My knees are trashed and while I would love to ride and show it simply is not in the cards :(  In fact, I have just re-injured my left knee and am headed to the doctors office tomorrow to be scheduled for surgery to have it repaired.


So off to the trainer he went.  Three days later we had to go get him to fulfill a breeding obligation.  He returned to the trainer the following day (just over an hour away) where the trainer was able to take him for a spin after being at the barn for a week.  I was not present so have no idea if it were pretty or not lol but did receive a few cellphone pics via text.  


In the next two weeks we picked Esquire up for several breeding obligations and took him right back to the trainer the following day. This did not give the trainer hardly anytime to ride Esquire, getting to know him, etc.  And on top of that we had a lot of rain :(  Our first show was going to be interesting to say the least......................


So off we went the end of May to Esquire's first show in 8+ years.  He showed both in hand and under saddle.  To say we are pleased with how everything went would be an understatement!  He looked stunning and behaved beautifully.  We took him to a second show the following weekend where he made it to the ring in hand but not under saddle.  Unfortunately Esquire had a tummy ache which he politely told us would keep him from performing his best.  We listened and scratched him from his under saddle classes and let him rest.  


The following weekend Esquire had off but that was short lived.  The next weekend we made the trip to Lexington, VA for the Blue Ridge Arabian Classic.    It was at this show Esquire validated what I knew from the first time I laid eyes on him.  With less than 2 full weeks of being back to work under saddle due to having to be taken back and forth and rain he received at this one show his highest dressage scores yet!  In fact, 3 of his 4 test scores were higher than his scores from years back!


Yes this post is a brag post, yes this post is intended to say I am super proud of my boy AND the trainer, but most important this post is to say.....

"NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS"  ~ Believe it is possible and it will be!!!


Pictures are from our recent shows ;) 






Thank you for allowing me to share here with all of you!


Denise Gainey

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#770025 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by SWells on 25 October 2016 - 12:33 PM

With winter coats coming in fast here at the farm we thought we'd try to get a few shots of our 2016 black filly by Thee Onyx.  (Pardon the red fuzz in her ears...we did not clip them as it is getting cold.  It's leftover baby coat.)  She is now five and a half months old and filled with FIRE!  This filly is constantly flagging her tail...even lays it flat on her back.  She can really put on a show!


This is Opulence S...our last gift from Thee Onyx.





Sue Wells

Sapphire Farms

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#767898 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by morganm on 24 March 2016 - 08:06 AM

My only foal this year! 


AO Breeze++/ colt, born in February, out of Carabella (*Rushan AHSB x Cariala by *Carmargue). Carabella was bred by Gari Dill-Marlow. He exceeded our expectations. I show wish he would have been a she since we are keeping Breeze daughters and won't be able to leverage a colt in our program, but I have no doubt he will go on to be quite the horse for someone. 


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#767157 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by jcja on 06 February 2016 - 12:57 PM

Figured I'd start the thread again this year since I have a new baby to post :)

We welcomed this beautiful half-Arabian filly Zola BA on 2/3/16 - she's sired by Venetian and out of Zunny Delight, a daughter of Multi-National Champion Wolkenzorro++/! She's soooo pretty headed, could easily pass for a purebred!

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  • image.jpeg
  • image.jpeg

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#769020 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by jettanna on 08 June 2016 - 12:23 PM

2016 Razcal Bey colt  - MA Razputin

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  • 2016Polcsan-149-EditLowResolution_WEB_ONLY.jpg

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#768912 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by RFFDelightful on 27 May 2016 - 03:50 PM

Wanted to share updated pictures of my Major Mac V colt. Absolutely adore him fancy and the friendliest little guy!

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  • FB_IMG_1464392613224.jpg
  • FB_IMG_1464392647472.jpg

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#768903 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by SWells on 26 May 2016 - 04:31 PM

Here's our only baby of the year...a black filly!  Sired by Thee Onyx and out of my beautiful mare LR Breathless.  Photos at five days old.  Enjoy!

She loves to run!


And some attitude below!


And still running!


Sue Wells

Sapphire Farms


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#768478 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by jettanna on 26 April 2016 - 08:35 AM

Introducing the newest "little Razcal" Stymie  aka MA Razputin13071841_10208096034172172_878532578342853425_o.jpg

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#626212 No Convictions For Marsha Parkinson And The Return Of Over 60 Horses As A Res...

Posted by grizz on 01 March 2012 - 01:24 PM

I have been watching this topic since the very beginning.. I am Happy with the results of the trial, and over the years have seen this sort of seizure played out several times. It is all too easy for someone not familiar with the breed to look at an arab horse and judge it as underweight. Especially those horses that are used for endurance. These are not quarter horses or drafty's. And a lot of older arabians tend to be really hard keepers. Especially when they get to the point where they have lost most of their teeth, or if they have become picky eaters with supressed apetites. I look back at the feeding frenzy that was joined in and encouraged by many on this site with disgust, and only hope that one day you don't find yourself in a pickle because one of your oldsters whom you have doted on and kept long past it's "usefulness" has to be put down in front of you by a comittee of vigilante horse thieves. More than one person's stock have been stolen away in this fashion, and some of the rescues involved look upon a person with a large number of animals as easy pickings, especially when the owner is no longer a spring chicken themselves. They see money to be made for the "rescue" operation in terms of huge monetary donations that pour in with their begging campaigns that accompany this type of huge seizure..and in this case outright theft. A word to the wise, next time don't be so quick to judge the person that is under attack. Heaven forbid that you offer some youngstock for sale to a public venue and someone uses that avenue to gain access to your premises. If they spot a skinny old nag on the place beware, you may find that you will lose your animals, and possibly your property and if you can't mount a legal defense you may wind up in jail as a result of some PETA nut wanting to shut down your livestock business.
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#625471 No Convictions For Marsha Parkinson And The Return Of Over 60 Horses As A Res...

Posted by Briska on 27 February 2012 - 09:19 PM

Cecilia...you still take my breath away. You're contention that the prosecution could have supplied their own expert witness to refute Dr. Henneke on his own research paper is priceless. Just priceless...

Look back and you'll find that this whole fiasco began with Marsha offering to donate horses to DEFHR as a way for the rescue to raise funds. Requesting the return of only 63 horses leaves 70 horses for DEFHR to sell...as was originally planned. Then greed entered the picture and 'they' somehow became obsessed with capturing Marsha's entire herd (thus more money)...I'll admit to taking a bit of literary license, but I'd bet I'm close to the mark.

As to the plea bargain and who benefited most, my money is the DA. I can only imagine the pure, unadulterated fear when they learned the author of the Henneke body condition scoring system was the expert witness for Marsha! The entire case is founded on DEFHRs findings based on the use of this scale. The only expert witness capable of challenging Dr. Henneke would be one of his co-authors. AND THAT aint gonna happen.

So where do we go from here? Each and every one of us would be well served with some earnest soul searching; why did we react as we did, say what we said and fight for the side for which we fought... Then, move on and become involved with your local animal control officers, sheriffs, humane organizations and ultimately your elected officials to effect a change. Only you can decide what that change will be, but I challenge you to decide.

Until we meet again,
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#625288 No Convictions For Marsha Parkinson And The Return Of Over 60 Horses As A Res...

Posted by msjwebb on 27 February 2012 - 11:39 AM


"Don Henneke, PhD., Director of Equine Science at Tarleton State University in Texas, was prepared to

testify as an expert for the defense. Dr. Henneke developed the Body Conditioning Scale for horses that

is used internationally. It is frequently referred to as the “Henneke Scale.” Dr. Henneke reviewed the

evidence and, in his professional opinion, HSUS and its rescue partners (the groups responsible for the

seizure) “showed a complete lack of understanding” in the application of the equine body condition

scale as applied to Ms. Parkinson’s horses and “exhibited extreme bias.” He concluded that “the charges

of neglect against Ms. Parkinson were not warranted. The horses should not have been removed from

her control and custody.” A copy of Dr. Henneke’s report is available upon request.

Under the agreement, the State dismissed 123 counts, and Ms. Parkinson pled “no contest” to 10 counts

of “failing to provide adequate shelter.” The court struck all ten counts and entered a probation before

judgment, which is not a conviction on any of the counts. Ms. Parkinson will eventually apply to the

court to expunge the record of the 10 misdemeanor counts not dismissed. Under the agreement, Animal

Control must return over 60 of her horses, selected by Ms. Parkinson, to Canterbury Farm."
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#769751 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by cvm2002 on 12 September 2016 - 12:22 PM

Just an update with our photos of Dantonia WSA ("Dani"  Antham x Pacific Eyes by Om el Shahmaan) from Nancy Pierce's visit.  Pictured at 2 months.  She just got her feet trimmed for the 2nd time today and she's getting more and more elegant every day.  An utter sweetheart too!!







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#767961 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by Kailicia'sGirl on 28 March 2016 - 12:01 PM

We had a gorgeous KM Bugatti daughter out of our mare, S Justabella on good friday. We've had a rough few weeks but she has brightened our spirits. 


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#761670 Warning:theft of intellectual property

Posted by MyssMyst on 06 June 2015 - 03:38 PM

My ######...  Just block each other, go have a margarita, and call it good...  Or moonshine.  I think this thread is at the 180 proof moonshine phase now...  Seriously, both of you are being ridiculous.

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Posted by BFF on 28 December 2017 - 09:27 AM

Inspired by the West Coast Equine Best dressed Holiday Horse- My young student who has been with me 8 years was inspired.


Let me add she is an Engineer.  


She asked me if 8 years ago did I ever foresee this horse being ridden in the dark, in a halter with 700 lights on him I would have said H**L NO.


Only a horse person would spend $50+ on this to possibly win a $50 gift basket.


Here is what she wrote- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 🎄🎅🏻☃️🎁

This years Christmas pictures brought to you by Amazon. 2 hours, 700 light bulbs, 225 feet of lights, idk how many safety pins, and one highly competitive girl with too much time on her hands who thoroughly enjoys dressing her horse up. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I (and Dorann) did. I wish i could ride him every night like this.














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#771676 A Jilted Gelding's Revenge

Posted by greygelding on 28 July 2017 - 11:52 AM

For some reason my geldings find Rose irresistible. With the passing of Raven, Mattie has "moved in" with her. Most days they can be found hanging out together in one of the corrals. I have been calling them Mr. And Mrs.. This all changed with the arrival of the new gelding, SoVayn. Rose started batting her eyes at him and he fell head over hoofs for her. He's still a nice horse to people but has become an aggressive terror for the rest of the herd. Constantly making sure that everyone keeps their distance from Rosé, he has now started to aggressively chase them farther and farther away. I lock the two in their corrals at night so the rest of the herd can roam in peace, and I will address the situation this weekend, but that's for another post.
I noticed that each morning despite eating his food and drinking a normal amount of water he is a bit drawn up and has lost a bit of weight. It's almost like he's being worked hard. There has been 3 piles of poop each morning outside the corral by the corner for me to clean up. It suddenly dawned on me that there might be other mischief afoot. Glancing down at Mattie's corral I could swear that he stuck his nice a little deeper in his feed bucket with a guilty look. "Not me, I didn't do nothin' ". Last night I ran a little test and got my answer. After dinner I released the 4 leaving only Rose and SoVayn in their corals. I walked back to the house, waited a minute, turned around, and leaned against the corner of the house unnoticed by the herd. Mattie strolled down to the corner of SoVayn's corral and started to antigonize him. Mattie then backed off a little bit as the bigger gelding continued to charge the fence with ears flattened. Mattie seemed to be enjoying the show with his ears perked, eyes bright, watching and waiting for something. Soon SoVayn grew tired and retreated to the back of his corral. Seeing this, Mattie came up to the fence struck out and reared. Immediately SoVayn charged and Mattie backed off and resumed his watchful state. If this continues most of the night then that would account for the condition of the new gelding. The clever little gelding is now locked up for the night but doesn't seem too fazed at all. I'll make a few changes this weekend but I find myself chuckling over Mattie's revenge. He's officially my favorite horse on the ranch.
Here's a couple of pics of our new boy:

image.jpg image.jpg

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#769129 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by jcja on 24 June 2016 - 02:42 PM

My last foal of the year, born 6/9/16, a very special bay colt named Kanztantine BA. Sired by *Kanz Albidayer and out of my US Top Ten mare Vivienne BA (Venetian x Marcelina BA by *Marwan Al Shaqab.)

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#768633 2016 Foals - Let's see those babies!

Posted by Tamcam on 05 May 2016 - 03:29 PM

Well done everyone!  Beautiful babies  :D 

Here at Golden Oak Arabians & Warmbloods we have 2 WB/Arabian babies.  So happy with both of them!

On Leap Day we were blessed with this little missy that we've named Wild Ivy GOA.  She's by Wild Dance (hanoverian) out of Caraechstrodinair.
Wild Ivy 3280.jpg  Wild Ivy 3294.jpg
Ivy 7995.jpg  Ivy 8015.jpg

On April 19 we were blessed with the sweetest colt, Rodeo Drive GOA.  He's by Rubignon (oldenburg) out of Inya's Allure GOA
Rodeo Drive 7908.jpg  Rodeo Drive 7939.jpg
Rodeo Drive 7950.jpg  Rodeo Drive 7969.jpg


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