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It's baaaaack......

Posted by Comstock Lode , 12 June 2009 · 1,221 views

Sadly we lost Spot on 1-20-2013 to an unrelated injury

Tumor Time 3 - no pictures

About a 6 weeks ago I noticed some discharge around Spot's sheath . I brought home some sheath cleaner and put on the gloves . I stuck my hand up there and felt something weird I barely touched it and it started bleeding and wouldn't stop . I ended up running the cold hose up there to stop the bleeding . Call into the Vet , she says are sure it was blood and not just dirty sheath , I'm telling her, it was blood . Two days later she's out to freeze it .

He's quickly sedated and she sticks her hand up there gets a weird look on her face , does something with her hand and pulls out a handful of mutant tumor , throws it on the ground . I'm shocked at how big it had gotten in just 6 months . My husband looks at it and says" what's that " we both look at him and say " that's the tumor ! " . Fortunately it was attached only by a stalk but it bled like crazy . He had the site frozen and will have another freeze shortly . No more chemo at this point, the tumor used it like miracle grow . The sucky part was it really seemed to have worked that first couple months .

Check those light colored colts, geldings and stallions often, a lot can change in a short time .

That's great though that it was so easy to remove, hopefully he won't have any further troubles.Wish you the best:)
Comstock Lode
Aug 10 2009 03:39 PM
Thank you , so far he's looking ok . I'm keeping a much close watch on it this time .

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