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My, how things have changed....

Posted by ofirarab , 25 September 2009 · 1,005 views

Wow, it has been 3 years and a day since I last made a blog entry. Things have changed so much, I hardly know where to begin!

Well, the real estate market took a big tumble and also I took time off to become a mom (twice in a row!) so money got tight. I found homes for all of my horses and sent my stallion out on a free lease. He just came back home on Sept. 6 in poor condition but he is rapidly improving under the wonderful care of Kimberly Blaser of Blaseridge Farm. She's on ABN as Blaseridge and she also has a website at www.blaseridge.com . She breeds some very nice Arabian horses.

So it's just me and my boy now. We're currently concentrating on getting him back to 100% health and after that, we'll figure out where we're going. I dare to dream of being able to buy another farm again, especially while the prices and interest rates are so low, and of maybe one day buying other mares for him. I have my eye on one already but I am only going to buy more if I can pay cash. No more time payments for me.

We ended up not purchasing Imnarissa, the Half-Arabian mare by Imtaarif x Just-Kiddin, and she is still for sale at www.rosebreezearabians.com . She has racked up wins in Hunter classes too. She's a gorgeous mare.

RF Secret Love is now owned by Robin O'Neil of Far Niente Farms in Ohio, home of Benevolence V. She had a beautiful 2008 filly by Benevolence V. Check out Robin's site at www.fnfarabians.com .

EK Vermilion recently went to Tiina Burkhardt of Classicala Farm, her website is www.classicala.com .

EK Dry Ice went to a family just a few minutes north of us and they are using her for riding. Turns out she was very well-broke. She was unable to produce foals and wasn't doing well standing around in the heat all day. Now she has a shaded paddock and gets to go out on trail rides regularly.

LHA Caution Tape (Atlas) went to a family in Callahan, FL who had him gelded and broke him to ride. They were using him for trail riding. I heard that they gave him to a young lady who helped out around their farm and she is riding him.

LHA Hot Tape (Zap), Vera's 2007 colt by our stallion LHA Pandemonium, was given to a young woman nearby also, along with Bint Secret Love. Unfortunately Zap colicked when he was about 15 months old and passed away. Bint Secret Love was broke to ride and is now the young woman's riding horse.

VJ Summer Breeze was sold in 2007 and last I heard is in Mississippi.

Me and my Sticky.....what will we do next???


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