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Erik's time in the ring

Posted by VvArabians , 28 June 2010 · 972 views

Mini horse stallion show ring fun Happy
Mom took me to a show a few years ago, it was my last show I ever did. But it was fun, I got to see a ton of pritty girls. WOW some with nice bit butts and some not so big. I like the big ones they look nicer. I may only be 30Ē tall but Iím the biggest man out here.I step into that show ring and strut my stuff. I love showing off in here, I think mom likes it to. I stand perfectly for mom. Though it has gotten harder to show off my stuff since I had my stroke 3 years ago. But I do what I can, and I always bring home the ribbons. Mom used to drive me in a cart, that was fun. But now it takes a lot out of me to do that, I got Res. Champion once in a cart. That was the happiest day of my life. When they called my name I reared up in the cart and trotted up to get my ribbon. I felt so good, even better then when I won champion in halter. I canít wait to start showing again, getting all the attention and showing off. Its so much fun. Mom said I might be able to go to the ACS in Oct. with Odonnis, that will be fun. We will see who is the best then, haha.

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