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The Dentist

Posted by VvArabians , 29 June 2010 · 1,457 views

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Hi, itís me Erik the little mini. Well I understand now why you humans hate the dentist. Oh My, I had one come out today to do my teeth. And Ouch, didnít put me out or anything. But I will say he never got my tongue not even once. I was so happy, and now I can eat. Oh it hurt so much to eat anything or chew. My mom put me in the Feed room, I knew something was up cause Iím not allowed in there normally. But then the dentist comes in. Well I wasnít scared at first, then he started playing with my mouth. The pinching and pulling of my gums and then the grinding I herd in my mouth. It vibrated my head. I couldnít see straight for 2 mins at least.But it was nice once he was done, I could chew and grind my food so much better. They were nice and even gave me some food afterwards. After they put me back I watched them work on my friend Odon, I felt bad for him. They gave him something he looked like he was high, or something. He could barely stand. But he told me he felt a lot better too. Well its nice to have a dentist but not fun when they work on you.

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