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Odonnis's Grooming Day

Posted by VvArabians , 28 June 2010 · 1,249 views

stallion grooming funny cute
I know my mom loves me and all, but does she have to treat me like a girl?I like being dirty and flirting with the girls. Iím a wild stallion, rearing up with the wind in my main and a curl in my tail.But she takes me out and leads me past some old girls, I donít know why but they look at me weird. At least I get to stop and say ďHiĒ to my buddy Erik. Heís only 30Ē tall but he is fun to play with, he playís like one of the big guys. But I donít get to talk to him for long, I feel bad he has to live with a Goat. I hate goats, they remind me of dogs.Well mom takes me to the wash rack where she has all her torture devices out waiting for me. Well some are nice but man I hate it when she does my tail. I donít like people back there.Like always she starts with my body, OO I love the brushing on my body. I sometimes fall a sleep.. ďShh donít tell her that though.Ē She does my hoofs with some creamy stuff. Donít know what it is but it makes my feet feel wet.Then she uses some spray on my main and tail, and my forelock. It smells good, like candy. I try to take it from her sometimes but she tells me its not for me to eatÖ If it wasnít for me to eat then why does it smell like it is?She uses the white creamy stuff for my main too, I love it when she puts that stuff in. She messages my neck line. It feels so good. Then she goes to my tail. I donít like it much but its starting to feel good. At least I know she wont hurt me while she is back there. Then the Brush in my hair, I donít like that much. It pulls at my hair sometimes. But lately its been feeling good. I just donít understand why she has to make me look all fancy. Iím not a mare you know. One time mom shaved my noseÖ O that tickled sooo much, I wanted to eat the clippers. But she wouldnít let me. If you have ever had someone shave your nose you will know what I mean. Well that was my time in the grooming chair. I do like it when sheís done, she always gives me a treat and tells me Iím a good boy. When she puts me back I wait till she is gone, then I roll and get dirty again. I hate being clean. Iím a Stallion we have to be dirty, its our rule.

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