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More Firsts

Posted by KhonsMom , 09 May 2010 · 785 views

Well today we had a few firsts .. the day he bucked me off was the first time he was lunged with another horse being ridden in the ring ...

- was his first time being lunged while another horse was being lunged ... my 3yr old AY-rab was better behaved than the older, multi champion QH. :D

-His first spook ... nothing big it was incredibly windy and the wind slammed the arena door just as we passed by ... he scooted forward a few steps but quickly disengaged his hindquarters when asked and stood for a moment to see what spooked him. He had no issues walking back past the door in the new direction and no issues when the wind picked up later.

-First time riding with another horse in the ring. He did attempt to veer off the rail to say hi the first time we passed but that was it, he kept on walking when urged forward and then remained focused ... he did find it fun to watch them when we were working on just standing and waiting, thankfully there's no issues there.

-trying to back up... he really tried hard to figure out what I was asking ... I did have to stop and yell at an observer to "shut up and mind their own business" He was obviously confused the first couple times I asked him but he tried hard to figure out what I was asking .. he'd fidgit, drop his head, and then finally shifted his weight .. WOO this was the point where I had to yell at the person who was telling me to yank on his mouth .. HA yeah right. so we walked a bit to get him focused and feeling confident and then asked again .. this time we got him to shift his weight and move a foot ... when all was said and done we ended today's lesson with him backing up two steps.

OH and we did attempt to trot .. he really didn't get the concept but he did try by walking faster .. by this time I was so tired that we called it a day .. he'd done so well with all the other new things that were presented to him that it was no chip off our shoulders that he didn't trot.

He really is good ... not much bothers him and I really don't see what the "trainer" ment by he gets in his own way because let me tell you this horse has been nothing but willing and ready since he's been home. Ah well the past is the past and the future is looking bright ... Hoping that we can progress enough to move outside soon.... or that the weather will stop acting up lol.

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