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Posted by KhonsMom , 05 May 2010 · 778 views

Why can't people do their jobs? I sent my horse for 60 days of under saddle training and he came home with one week under saddle (partially my fault for not being more vocal) .. and all but one ride wasn't a real ride, he was led around a few times with someone on his back ...

Now normally I wouldn't complain or have even sent him off for training but i'm coming off of a broken leg so I'm not as able as I used to be. Falls mean a whole lot more to me now than they ever did before and while I'm not terrified of falling it's deffinately a concern these daysz.

So unfortunately due to life I had to give Khon the last two days off ... I THOUGHT I had worked him about an hour before climbing aboard .. turns out it was only 20 min, deffinately not enough time .. sooo what happens, he has a moment and bucks ... well i'm not talkin little crow hops .. i'm talkin full out bronco bucks ... grrrr well i go a flyin, thankfully I had my helmet on but lets just say my knee and hips are a HURTIN ... I wish I could work my horse without feelin bitter ... not towards him of course but towards the trainer. As happy as I am while working with my horse at the end of the day I feel ... cheated I guess is the right feeling.

Well there's the end of the "woah is me"

On the lighter side my horse immediately stopped bucking and stood next to me after I fell and didn't move a step until after I was standing and holding his reins .. he really is a good boy .. and after another 20 min of lunging I had some one hold him while I mounted, lead him forward a few steps and then he was perfect, settled right into things, bending his head and neck, turning, one rein stopping ... it's amazing how big of a fit he can throw but once his mind's on track he's there and giving it his all .... now if only we can get past this bucking. .... cuz I don't know how many more times I can handle hittin the ground that hard -_- I guess he's just not allowed to have any more days off for awhile or I need to realize I should have worked him longer .. maybe I'll get a stop watch. hmmm not a bad idea.

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